Riley Strickland & his '92 Ford

My dad, my brother and I built this truck together about a year ago. It was fun. We had a Ford Bronco that had a 514 big block Ford in it and we put it in the Ranger. Now we go mud racing and rock crawling with it.

Cam Brown & his '72 Chevy

I bought my 1972 truck back in 7th grade. I worked all summer to get it. :) It was rough but I kept seeing pictures of how good they look if you just put a little time and money into it. So that’s what I have been doing. I am now a sophomore in high school and driving the truck of my dreams.

Steven Bogue & his '66 Chevy

To start off I have to thank my wife and kids for all the time away from home spent building my bucket list truck. Secondly, the truck definitely would not be possible without my buddy Ron Wagner, owner/operator of RWS Rods N Wrecks. I purchased the truck with the intent of just driving it around and having some fun. Well, as most do, it got out of hand and led to its current state. I started the build off with a full tear down to frame. It’s running full porter built drop members front and back small block with 700r4. Everything was done in house by Ron and myself except for the seat and exhaust. I'd have to say my favorite part of the build was the build itself. Also hanging with what I'd consider a family member Ron and now seeing people's reaction when it's out around town. All in all I think it turned out great, but it’s never truly finished, next up is wood bed.

Melvin Kelly & his '71 Chevy

This was my late father’s ‘71 Chevy. I'm just bringing back to life for him.

Tanner Njaa & his '95 Ford

I bought it 4 months ago. It has 122,000 miles on it and it runs perfectly! It’s running a 4" suspension lift and 33" BFG that are 12" wide.

Tyler Tuttle & his '00 Chevy

I have lots of memories with this truck. Including burn outs in parking garages, hoping curbs, drifting across soccer fields and sinking it up to the mirrors in mud. It's lowered so people said I couldn't do it. I wanted to prove them wrong.

Jared Dick & his '87 Dodge

I got it once it was handed down in my family. I got it when I was 13. It was all stock. I then I then put in a 6 inch suspension and made a 2.5 inch body lift. Then after I was done with all of that I moved on to the engine. It has a complete rebuild with aftermarket cam, oil pump, rockers and timing chain. I also put a fully rebuilt transmission in it.

Briston Reed's '97 Chevy

My daddy bought me this car when I turned 15. I've kept it clean ever since. I also have a 1970 Nova SS. 

Hunter Hedge & his '90 GMC

This guy was going to scrap this truck. I asked him what it was gonna take for me to drag it out of the weeds and he told me a grand. I was 15 and that was all I had to my name. It's my first truck and my forever truck. 

Kevin Tidd & his '86 Ford

I bought my first car, Winston, when I was sixteen years old for close to nothing. It had a rough beginning but I was finally able to pull it back into its glory days with a few parts and a paint job. It has been an extremely fun yet stressful experience.

Chad Buchanan & his '81 Dodge

I picked it up in a trade and was gonna build the 360 up, but I got a good deal on a truck with a Cummins in it so that started the whole mess. Currently I’m in the process of a rear disc brake swap. It has seats out of a ‘01 quad cab, pump has been worked, 4" diamond eyes exhaust, and 2.5" soft rides to be installed.

Della Joy & her '00 Chevy

I love my truck and enjoy your site as I am continually enhancing my S10.

Karson Hintz & his '81 Dodge

This is my 1981 w150 club cab short box royal se edition 1979 400 bb and 3 speed auto started as stock. So far has 4 inch lift and 35x12.5x17 Goodyear wrangler mtr with Kevlar, steering stabilizer, Edelbrock rpm intake and 4bl carb, dual straight exhaust with 20 inch glasspacks, black roll bar in the bed and black bull bar bumper up front, I have many more plans for the truck in the future.

Harley Adams & his '94 Dodge

This is my 1994 Dodge Ram 1500. It is a 4x4 with a 5.9L 360. I plan to use LMC Truck to make my truck even more awesome.

Austin Gantt & his '84 GMC

My grandfather ordered the truck brand new and had to wait on it to be delivered. He put 300,000 miles on it before he gave it to me when I turned 16. I've put 40,000 more miles on it since I've had it. I've also lifted it 6 inches; put bigger tires on it, burned up 3 transmissions resulting in a sm465 4 speed conversion, and a 12 bolt swap. He passed in February of this year and since he was so proud of this truck, and took pride in me being the new owner, I've decided to restore it. This truck means the world to me and I'll own it till the day I die. I'll be adding to my LMC parts collection to bring our dream to life.

Richard Ash & his '87 Chevy

I purchased my ‘87 Short Bed about 5 years ago. I have been working on it off and on since. I also love the square body style.

Rick DeLong & his '73 Chevy

Rick DeLong & his '73 Chevy

After going year after year to car shows and walking away feeling empty, I decided it’s time for me to build one that I can show off too. I started searching the web night after night for about a year and getting more frustrated every time, until I stumbled across this Rat Rod for sale.

Dan Esguerra & his '75 Ford

Dan Esguerra & his '75 Ford

Mahal 5 was a diamond in the rough. She was literally out on a pasture covered with foliage. There was a small sapling tree and brush bushes growing in the back of her bed. Her interior and exterior was spotted with mold and mildew. We found various junk and debris in the cab as well as in the truck bed.