1978 Chevy K5 Blazer

David Tavares' 1978 Chevy K5 Blazer

It's a 1978 K5 blazer with a 6inch lift. 

1984 Chevy S10

Dan Roberto's 1984 Chevy S10

This is a mildy built 1984 Chevy S10 with a 355 4 bolt main, speed demon 750 carb, mild cam, mild heads, stock bottom end, th350 with shift kit, full tubs, fuel cell, narrowed ford 9 inch, 390 gears, and a 3 link, posi. I am probably forgeting a lot.

1989 Chevy CK2500

Steve Copeland's 1989 Chevy CK2500

Daily Driver
Back in 1989 I purchased this truck new from a Chevy dealer in Newtown Square, PA. In fact, they are no longer in business. It is a CK2500 Silverado with a 5.7 liter engine with a one ton rated front axle. Shortly after I bought it, I had a Meyers snow plow installed on it and it handled some pretty serious snow numerous times. When I first bought the truck I had it rust proofed also. It has held up very well.
In 2001 I retired and moved to New Jersey. I removed the snowplow and plow frame. In 2003 I had a Leer rear cap with tool boxes and ladder racks installed as well as a bed slide out unit so I never have to climb into the rear of the truck.. The slide out bed extends 7 feet out and makes a great work bench when on a construction job. 
I first started buying parts from LMC Trucks in 2006. In 2007 I had the truck totally stripped of all exterior parts and chrome trim including bumpers, grill, all lights, side trim, you name it. It was stripped down to bare metal. Minor scratches and imperfections were repaired and repainted by Streamline Autobody in Tuckerton, NJ. John Molinaro and his crew did a fantastic job. The paint scheme of this truck is exactly how I purchased it back in 1989. Everywhere I go I get compliments about how great the truck looks. Besides the paint, all the new exterior parts from the front headlights to the rear LED tail lights are from LMC Trucks, except for the original add on bug deflector. New wheels and tires were installed on the truck in 2013.
This truck has many parts not shown such as drive train and engine, etc that are from LMC trucks so thanks and Kudos to them for literally keeping another Chevy truck on the road, looking good, mechanically sound and staying out of the junk yard. They are constantly updating their catalog which they send to me automatically. This Silverado is a one owner truck that is 27 years old and I believe it has many more years to go thanks in large part to LMC Trucks. I could not have done it without them. (I am sure this truck will make a beautiful cover photo also.) I do have other pictures and angles of the truck. Thanks


1969 Chevy C10

Manuel Corado's 1969 Chevy C10

I have always loved the C10 trucks from the 67-72 love the body style. I have always dreamt of having one of my own. After years of searching for one, I finally found one here in my town, it was a rust bucket. I had to get it. I knew it was a long journey to fix it but I had high hopes. My 17 year old son said it would be a great truck after it was done, “dad I can almost see it running around town.” My son was my inspiration to bring this truck back to life. When we bought the truck and I asked the owner if it ran and He said it does. I looked at my son and we both knew it was for us. When he told us the engine was a rebuilt 350, he opened the hood and started the engine, it sounded so great we fall in love with it. It was a 1969 C10 and even the year of the truck was great I told my son. From there on I ordered a catalog from LMC. I saw you guys had so many part to get a project going and the prices are so affordable. I am so happy I got your catalog because it makes it easier to start our new project. It took us about 2 years to get our truck decent enough to drive it around and show people. We always get thumbs up when we drive around town. It’s worth every penny we spent on this truck when people stops us and ask what year is it? Then they ask so many more questions they love it and tell us you guys have a great looking truck. We love telling people about our truck. 

1990 Chevy C1500

Bob Earls' 1990 Chevy 1500

Did a rebuild of my truck and used a combination of parts from 1988 all the way up to 2015. I fashioned my truck after a 2015 Silverado with Silverado badging and Chevrolet bowties. I purchased many parts through LMC. I was looking for an old beater and found this truck, paint all faded and covered with leaves. I did not even want to consider it but my wife talked me into going back for a second look. After the second look I saw it had potential and the rest is history. 

1986 Ford Bronco

David Tucker's 1986 Ford Bronco

I bought this truck from my sister in law for 2K 5 years ago. Completely stock. Only 96k on it. I built the winch mount myself and put a 4" lift on it. American baja wheels and 33"Dunlop tires. Runs like a top. Not one squeak or rattle. Eddie Bauer edition. Beautiful interior. Love this truck.

1965 Chevy Panel

Isaiah Borunda's 1965 Chevy Panel

1965 Chevy Panel truck I am currently working on to hand down to my 8 year old son when he gets older. We are currently having a 350 built with a 700r4 transmission. Lots of work to come.

1971 GMC 1500

Chris Mark's 1971 GMC 1500

My truck was given to me by my father after my first deployment in 2005. Upon my return in 2006 we tried desperately to restore the old straight six three on the tree. This was a fail. Strapped for cash, I was not able to have anything started until 2009. My two older brothers loaded the old truck up and hauled it from Mississippi to Texas. Since then, this truck has been converted to a V8 with a 700R4 transmission, power steering, fuel cell move under the bed and painted inside and out. We still have a few more things to work on, but we are still turning heads. 

1978 Chevy C10

Ron Raines' 1978 Chevy C10

My 1978 Chevy truck is on the road to restoration. I have had the truck from its birth in 1978. It came with a 350/350. After 248,000 miles, it now has a 406 s/b 700 r4. LMC has been a great source for many parts I have used to bring my truck back to new condition. New fenders hood door panels and much more. I hope to finish it in the early summer. Thanks again LMC. 

1976 Chevy Silverado K10

Nick Montano's 1976 Chevy Silverado K10 

A couple of years ago when I was 17 and a high school junior I decided that I would make my passion for cars and trucks my college choice and my career. Even though I had helped my dad all my life with oil changes and repairs to the family vehicles he thought that I should find out if I really wanted to be a career "car guy".
So he bought a numbers matching 1976 K-10 and we started a frame off restoration, something that neither one of us had ever done. Sometime during the restoration he challenged me to a deal that if I was able to earn a full ride to college the truck would be mine free and clear. If I didn't the truck would be his. I won, and not only did I get a full ride I was valedictorian of my high school graduating class.
The project took 14 months of hard work and included a complete engine re-build that I did under the direction of a good family friend, and a complete interior restoration. I also tore down the entire truck and with shop books and help from my dad put it all back together. After we found the build sheet we decided to try and keep the truck as original as possible so using the codes we matched the exterior paint and the interior color. 
It was hard to select just four photos that show the truck but I hope you can get an idea of the effort that went into it. After all that work do I still want to be a car guy? Absolutely. 
Thanks, Nick Montano


2001 Chevy Blazer

Dillon Saunders' 2001 Chevy Blazer

It's my first truck. I put euro taillights, new stereo and I plan on a lot more. I love LMC Truck. You have all the hard to find parts and cool accessories.

1998 Ford Ranger

David Roman's 1998 Ford Ranger

I bought my '98 out of necessity a year and a half ago, I had just relocated to Puerto Rico, and needed something to run around in and carry stuff home. I've known people whom have owned Ford Rangers. They say with proper care and maintenance they can get close to 300k miles on the engine. So I figured it to be a good choice. My Ranger has 100,600 on the odometer, I bought it with 93,000 on the odometer, it lacked power, bald tires, I-rocz rims, oil, plugs and on and on. May be easier to list what I haven't replaced. 
To me it's a daily driver, I love the truck! I plan on keeping it. With time I may restore it, she's a plan Jane, don't owe nothing on it and I like working on it too!


1978 Ford F150

Tim Johnson's 1978 Ford F150

This truck was a 1 owner sitting in a barn for 20 years. It has 106,000 original miles and runs perfect. I am not restoring it, I am just making it a daily driver and replacing what’s needed.

1983 Chevy K10

Jimmy Paulk's 1983 Chevy K10

It is a 1983 Chevy custom deluxe 4wd. My father in law purchased it new in ‘83 at Humphries Motors in Jena, La. when my wife was just 9 years old. I purchased the truck from him in 2010 and began the restoration. My wife was driving this truck the first time we met in 1991. We were married in 1992, so the truck is very sentimental to our family, lots of memories over the years. My middle son Ryan was working at the shop that did the body & paint work so he did almost all of the tear down & prep work for paint. My younger son Jesse helped with the motor build. I have 3 sons & they all want the truck. They have all helped or bought parts for my birthdays & Christmas at some point. 90% percent of the new parts came from LMC Truck lights, bumpers, dash, dash, door panels, etc. Still not completely finished, probably never will be, so I will be ordering more stuff from LMC I’m sure. Don’t really know what else to say, just wanted to share Ole Reds story, & how much it means to our family. LMC truck is a part of that story now. 

1995 Ford F250

Tyler Haven's 1995 Ford F250

I bought the truck with 318k miles in 2012 then I sold it with 325k in 2013. I bought it again in 2014, kept it for 3 months and sold it for what I thought was the last time. It went to a new home 3 hours away from me, well time went by and I was missing it like crazy. In November of 2014 it shows up on craigslist 10 minutes away from my house! Immediately I call and go look at it. The price was 6 times what I sold it for! Of course I couldn’t pay for it, so I guessed it wasn’t meant to be. February 2015 rolls around and I get a call, “want the truck?” Same price I paid for it years before. Of course I went to the bank that day and bought it. That’s when the reconstruction started, 3rd times a charm. From new door locks, handles, fenders, doors, wiper motor, and lists of endless parts. Basically only factory thing on it is the frame.

1966 Chevy C10

Harry Blackman's 1966 Chevy C10

A friend of mine had this truck, it was a restoration abandon. The stock bed was in pieces and he had found a 1992 stepside bed. The engine was built. After I purchased the truck I pulled the engine pan to find it had dirt in the pan. I then went through the bottom end and rebuilt the 350 turbo trans, rear end and brakes. I went through the front end that had been changed to disc brakes. The frame had been done and painted black. I put the chassis back on its wheels with the engine and trans, remounted the bear cab and front clip, which had been painted a Chevy maroon. I mounted the 1992 stepside bed on the chassis, installed a Locar nostalgia shifter and hand brake. I installed electric door popper,s one piece electric windows, LMC door and window seals, headlight parts and to many other parts and trim to list. Other modifications were a Flamming River tilt column and steering wheel. The interior is all LMC.

1994 Ford Bronco

Nathaniel Salyers' 1994 Ford Bronco

I bought him with 203,000 miles and I've put almost 13,000 miles on him! Doesn't leak and is strong! 

1972 Chevy Cheyenne

Jim Snider's 1972 Chevy Cheyenne C10

My Great Grandfather purchased a 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne truck on March 3 1972 new from Parrish Chevrolet in Liberty MO. I remember getting my 1st ride in it at that time, I was only 9. He was a farmer with 410 acres 60 acres to corn, 23 acres to alfalfa, 20 to clover and lespedeza, 25 to wheat, 10 to oats. 250 hogs, 100 head of cattle, he also was a well know dairyman, having operated with some 25 to 30 good dairy cows. 
My Great Grandfather passed away shortly after purchasing the truck and it was given to my mother. She drove it occasionally, keeping it in the garage. Sometimes it had weekend duties as with most trucks in that time period. She started letting me drive the truck to Raytown High school. I had taken good care of it at the time that she gave it to me when I was 17, with promise that I would never sell it. I drove the truck all through high school. 
I have all documentation and the protect-o-plate and want to restore the truck back to original exterior and interior but with a few slight detail upgrades. As far as drive train, rear disc brakes, overdrive installation for factory transmission, and a strong rebuild of the original motor with original theme and large 18 wheels with just a slight lowered stance. As it turned out when I was younger I boxed up anything I took off the truck, it all just needs refinishing. I don’t have any recent photos because it’s been stored for 19 years. I have bought many parts from LMC through the years, just don’t have new chassis or plumbing components. I have the interior still in boxes, the truck is sitting in a storage unit with all my furniture and my belongings while I live with family. I have nothing to retire on, so stripping the body and prepping for paint is something I don’t have resources or the knowledge for.
During the time of owning the truck I lost my wife to cancer, my son was seriously injured by a drunk driver he also killed my niece and brother in law. I lost my Job and my home in 2011. I was also rear ended by a driver that was texting and driving at 30-35 mph and they had no insurance 2 years ago. It was our dream to show the truck and I even wanted to bring it back home to KC and take a few friends to a KC Royals game in it. I have thought of selling it but my heart just can’t let it go, it has too many memories.


1971 Chevy C10

Brent Briscoe's 1971 Chevy C10

This was my first vehicle at age 16. I’ve always been interested in older style automobiles. The truck hasn’t ran since 2009. There has been a lot of custom work done and I have replaced A LOT of the old worn out parts with quality pieces from the LMC. The truck is supercharged 5.3l. Custom Accuair suspension. 15in Willwood 6 piston brakes. I have been looking thru the LMC books since before I could drive and always had a dream to build a truck that would be able to make the cover of one of the catalogs!

1992 Chevy S10

Shawn Rutola's 1992 Chevy S10

For some reason ever since I was a kid I was infatuated with the square body S10. I thought it was the coolest little truck I'd ever seen. My grandfather had several S10's over the years that he used as his work trucks. I've had several GMC and Chevrolet trucks over the years but never an S10. Around New England the square body S 10 is tough to find in one piece or even on the road. Well last year I finally found one in my local area and picked it up for $1000. The truck ran drove it didn't look that bad. So now that I finally have my S 10 where is it now? Sitting on the frame machine at my friend’s auto body shop. Truck is going to end up being an 80 to 90% rebuild. Every piece of sheet metal is going to be new except the cab. So much stuff on this truck I am replacing I can't even list it right now. This truck is finished it will be the only S 10 if it's kind anywhere around here.