Anthony Berish & his '78 Chevy

Well I bought my ‘78 Chevy truck and it needed TLC. I’m fixing it up little by little. I won two trophies with it and I’m proud of the old truck. I don’t have much to do but to paint it and put some bucket seats in it.

Harold Adkins & his 2011 Chevy

 I purchased it original. I replaced factory hood with 2" cowl hood, replaced factory wheels with 20" American Racing Torque Thrust and Goodyear Eagle ST2, with Motorsport Tech 1.25" wheel adapters, a tangerine orange vinyl stripe on Summit White 2011 Silverado, 5.3. It’s only three years old and getting sexier.

Austin Hatcher Foundation's Midnight Grace


This week the Katech Performance engine is installed with the exhaust, fuel system and wheels on the frame of Midnight Grace.

Click here for the full build.

Kyle Wynes & his '62 Chevy

I've always had a love affair with the early 60's Chevy trucks. My dad drove a ‘63 forever and it was the first truck that I ever drove. I finally was able to purchase a good starting point truck to build. Thanks to friends, family, my girlfriend and several parts from LMC Truck, I have my dream truck. 

Dylan Castle & his '94 GMC

I bought her the day after court. I paid $2,200 and I am going to put about $10,000 into her before I’m done.

Tyler Yorgey & his '77 Ford

I purchased it without a bed. I had to do cab corners. I did drip edges too. It’s a 4 speed and I'm doing a 460 swap. I had it for 2 years. It has a Dana 60 divorce transfer case. I may do a 7.3 Powerstroke swap.

Danny Ewert & his '64 Ford


Danny wasn't originally a "truck" guy. Having grown up being interested in Porsches, Ferraris, etc, Danny never really took trucks seriously. Danny had a friend who was trying to tracking down a '64 Ford. The friend was trying to find a truck like the one he remembered from when he was a boy. Danny found a truck and his friend realized that an older truck didn't quite live up to the memory he had of it. So Danny eventually decided to purchase the truck as a "beater", something to have around to help haul. Well that beater eventually ended up receiving a whole bunch of TLC. Watch the video to see Danny's final product!

Josh Findley & his '68 Ford

Josh Findley & his '68 Ford

Senior year is just around the corner and of course I have to get something to drive around. My family has always been into classics, so I have grown up loving them with a passion. My mother was telling me to get a new truck so I would have a reliable vehicle but like a teenage boy I went and got me an old pickup truck.

Brandon Mendenhall & his '91 GMC

So I bought this truck already lifted and everything. What I did to it myself was build custom traction bars, full rock light set, repainted it, threw on some LED light bars, got different wheels and tires, beefed up the rear axle (full floater 14 bolt), full stereo (sets off car alarms).

Stephen Galloway & his '70 Ford

I bought the truck last year. My plans are to restore it and make it a cruiser. I have only done a few modifications to it since I bought it. I put new exhaust on, new mirrors, removed some chrome trim. The truck will eventually be lowered, mini tubs, and sport a new big block Ford.

Aldo Cermelli & his '80 Chevy

This is a rare 350 diesel. It was born in the USA and immediately imported to Italy. 

Caleb Kiser & his '80 Ford

I bought this truck as my first truck the summer before I started driving. I put the cab lights and bumper guide lights on. Other than that it's all stock.