Anthony Bolmon & his '86 Chevy

I’ve had the truck since 2008 and I’m restoring it a little at a time. I’m proud of it. LMC Truck has helped me do it with all the parts they have to offer. 

Mark Rhodes & his '89 Chevy

I bought this for myself in 1997 but soon after my wife decided that she wanted it so I lost it to her. Over the years I washed and wax it so much the paint came off so we just had it painted. Then I added new tail lights, headlights, bezels and frontend work. Now it’s new seals and a grille. We put a new engine in at 256,000 miles. With the help of LMC Truck we can find all the parts we need.

Danny Hickman & his '74 Ford

The truck is a 1974 F250 4x4 only 84,000 miles on It. I'm doing a full restoration. My truck was factory equipped with a 360 and repowered with a 460. It has a 750 Holley double pump carburetor, full race cam engine and is roughly 500 horse power.

Cody Hayman & his '95 Chevy

Cody Hayman & his '95 Chevy

I bought it when I was 17. The man I bought it from got it in B.C. while working out west. It was never really driven on the East Coast, which is a big deal because of our road salt causing major rust problems. It had the back window smashed out from a mishap loading an ATV, which lead to water damage to the entire interior. 

Leighton Canal & his '90 GMC

I got her 5 years ago and have been slowly working on her. She is still not where I want her to be but she has come a long way.

Rick Mann & his '71 Chevy

My grandfather bought this truck new in 1971. When he passed away my uncle James took the truck for the last 40 years. He repainted it and did a lot of work on the interior. I got it about three years ago. I redid the engine and the entire underneath. Line-X on the truck bed turned out fantastic. I just need to do a little bit of work on the doors and I'm done.

Saul Acevedo & his '70 Chevy

I have had about five 1967-1973 range C10’s. They always run well but never look good. Now that I’m older I am starting from the bottom up and loving ever minute of the build. Thanks to LMC Truck, ya’ll are making it easier to do having parts that I need and helping with returns. Thanks very much and build on.

Tyler Coyle & his '01 Chevy

I got my first ride from my grandfather. It had 209,000 miles on it when it became my own. I have put new flowmasters exhaust on it. I have replaced the radiator, alternator and shackles all from LMC Truck. I have also plastidip the stock rims. The truck has 240,000 miles on it now and I plan to keep it for many more miles. I also plan to keep using LMC Truck to keep it on the road!

Justin Hoppe & his '96 Chevy

I bought this truck in December from a buddy. It's a 1996 k1500 with a 5.7 liter vortec. It has 117,000 miles on the truck and the paint is clean and original. What I like about it is it has a square body look which makes it seem old school to me. I love to polish out my welds that really makes the truck pop! I worked my ass off for this truck and I am going to keep it clean. Thanks for your time LMC Truck.

Nels Wood & his '72 Dodge

I went to my dad’s friend’s house. As I was snooping around I came across this truck tucked back in the corner of a barn. I asked him about it. He said he wasn't going to use it, so I bought it. Now it’s a daily driver! Soon I will restore it.