Barry Hornburg & his '66 Ford

I got a rolling wreck in 1995 and for every part I took off I found two more broken. I took it down to frame, cut-out and replaced any rust and built it from the ground up. I would not have been able to do it without LMC. Thanks!

Branch Capdau & his '89 Chevy

I bought my '89 S10 a month ago with a SBC 350 and a turbo 350 transmission. I’m going to put in full LMC interior, long tubes and full 3" exhaust with cutouts. I am going to build the motor myself and build the transmission with a trans brake and I'm going to back half it with a ford 9" with ladder bars and coilovers. I also have nitrous. I'm shooting for low 11's in 1/4mile with full interior and a/c. It’s a total sleeper! Gonna go street fishing for some Stang's and Camaros!

Demitri Hull & his '70 Ford

I bought it two years ago as my first truck. I had been looking around for a car at a used car lot and out of the corner of my eye I saw the truck. After looking at it and test driving it I knew I had to have it. The next weekend we went back to the car lot and I purchased it. It needed some TLC but it was nothing I couldn't handle myself. Now that I am almost done fixing it up I hope to add a 5" suspension lift and new wheels and tires. I’m going to keep everything else original because it looks good. It is and will be my daily driver for a long time.

Nate Inhofe & his '90 Chevy

I bought this truck a few years back.

Fernando Leyva & his '76 Chevy

It all started with a dream of having a badass truck!

Sam Guerri & his '70 Ford

This was my dad's back when I was young. He had to sell it for a service truck. Years later the man that bought it wrecked his 2009 f250. My dad was doing all body work and the cost was too much for the guy to pay. He gave this truck back as partial payment. It was torn up, 4 different colors, rat turds on the floor boards, and not running. Instead of buying a newer truck I decided to put my money into this beast. A year later and a lot of parts from LMC, it’s restored and running great!

Ryan Crocker & his '79 Dodge

After pulling this truck out of the junkyard, my dad and I have put it back on the road again. After enjoying it in the snow and winning car shows with it, I will never regret grabbing this one out of the junkyard.

Donald Henry & his '90 Ford

I've had my truck for 19 years and when I retired from the military I decided to restore my truck. 

James Cone & his '77 Chevy

I started this project 6 yrs ago with more rust than steel for my son. Now he has made me so proud and joined the US marines 3 yrs ago. He will get it back tenfold. I've been busy doing a bit of tinkering since he left.

Lawrence Foss & his '77 Chevy

I ordered this truck to be built to my specifications in the winter of 1976 and received it April 1977. I stayed up on it with all of its failing parts over time. The truck is 95% GM and the rest is credited to LMC Truck. Great parts! Especially the rear bumper that's on there now, a true perfect fit! 

Hunter Moser & his '87 Dodge

I have a 1987 Dodge W150 with a 318 double barrel carb. I bought this truck at the begging of the summer of 2014. I plan on restoring the truck from the ground up. I’ll keep you guys up dated.

Scott Spohn & his '66 Ford

One day I was approached by my boss asking if I wanted to finish a project that he had started. I said I would love to do it! When I got the truck it was painted and the suspension was done, that was it. The engine was apart and the interior was gutted. I didn’t have a lot of money to put in the truck so I searched all over for the parts that I needed. I got the seat from a friend who was junking his ’73 F100 and I got the really hard stuff to find from LMC Truck. It took about a year to get the truck finished enough to take to shows. There is still a bunch of things to do. I will get it all done slowly. 

Tyler Hunter & his '93 Chevy

I got this truck a few years ago. It really didn't look that well, so I told myself it's time to fix it. I got some wheels for it and I changed the grille. I have taken all kinds of things off the truck. All I need to do now is paint it.