Austin Smith & his '70 GMC

This is a one owner truck. It is still in decent condition. It just shows 40 years of aging.

Dylan Hagy & his '84 Chevy

This is my first truck. I just spotted it going down the road. We stopped the guy and he said it was for sale. 

Austin Bex & his '86 Chevy

I saw this truck coming home on the 4th of July this summer. I saw how good of shape it was in, so I went back to look at it. I asked to test drive it and when I did, my dad and I could tell it was low on power. We later found out that it had a blown cam! My dad’s cousin works for a company called Motor City Muscle. They had an ’86 El Camino that they had just built a 350 Chevy engine for and the person was selling it! We got the El Camino for $600. We took the blown engine out of the truck and replaced it with the 350! It had a lot of power and I love it for my first car! 

Reardon Sullivan & his '95 Chevy

This is my 1995 two door Tahoe Z71. I leased a Tahoe back in the early 2000’s and loved it. The day I turned it in, I knew I had made a mistake. In 2013 I was determined to find another two door Tahoe. I was lucky enough to find a 1995 Z71 on eBay. When it arrived I realized it needed some real attention. I immediately logged onto LMC Truck to get the parts I needed. Today my Tahoe is my daily driver and is a safe, good looking, good running example of what can be done with a little help from LMC. I love that I get offers to sell it for more than I paid for it daily.

Mark DeLong & his '89 Chevy

I spotted this truck while searching for my first truck. I searched and searched for the right one. Then I spotted this beauty. It only had 107,000 miles on it when I bought it. It now has 115,000 because I drive it every day. I've put everything on this truck myself. Considering I'm only 17, it’s pretty nice. Thanks to LMC I've been able to keep this beauty on the road.

Josh Stevens & his '74 Ford

My dad had a ‘76 in high school. I've always loved the 70's highboys. My dad and I got this highboy. It has sat for 18 years and my dad and I are bringing it back to life. We religiously look through our local catalog to see what we need. Thank you!

Jason Smith & his '71 Chevy

Jason Smith & his '71 Chevy

I purchased my ‘71 K10 from a friend last September who had it in a garage for over 15 years. I needed a truck and wanted something different. She needed money to purchase a house, so I bought it. It was pretty much rust free and in good shape. I was not a fan of the color so thought I would put a quick paint job on it and drive it for winter. 

Arnie Leckband & his '79 Chevy

Arnie Leckband & his '79 Chevy

I bought this truck in AZ. I flew down and drove it back to MN. It was 105 degrees in AZ. It already had a flame red paint job that I polished out. I picked up my parts from LMC on the way home.
I then started my reconstruction with 20" hot wheels, dropping it front and back 2 1/2 in, cleaned up the cab, and redid the box.

Dallas Timm & his '93 Ford

My truck is a 1993 Ford F150. It's my pride and joy. My brothers and my Dad had the same truck before I got mine. It only has 82k on it and I traded a Buick for it. I bought it for $500. 

Cole Jordan & his '83 Ford

My dad bought this truck after his little Mazda got crushed by a tree. He got it off a guy who had driven it from Arizona all the way up to Manitoba. We were driving to grab something to eat one evening and were talking about what I would be driving when I got my license. He asked if I wanted to try driving the truck. He sold it to me the following month. She's still a bit of a work in progress but I hope to have the work done soon.

Dylan Cox & his '84 Ford

I got my truck a year ago from my uncle. He bought it from my cousin. The truck has been in the family for a while. I am in the process of getting it back on the road. The truck had been sitting for 3 or 4 years. I recently had motor swapped from a 351w to a 302 motor and it has a 5 speed in it. Hopefully with me buying things from you and other stores I can get it back on the road soon. I hope to fully restore it one day.

Marlin Hogue & his '81 Ford

This is my 1981 302 4WD Short Wheel Base. I bought it brand new. It had 7 miles on it after the test drive. It is 33 years young. She was a 5 year project but she is now done, except for pin-stripping. It is a labor of love but she looks brand new. I could not have done this project without LMC Truck Parts & Accessories.

Chris Findlay & his '79 Ford

Chris Findlay & his '79 Ford

When I was 10 years old, my Grandpa Jack came home with a brand new custom ordered 79 F-150 Ranger. At 10, I was already a truck fanatic. My dad and grandpa both drove Ford trucks. Grandpa Jack was 6'5" and he leaned down to my level and said if I waxed it for him every year, then he would give me his new truck. 

Mauro Escareno & his '98 Chevy

My dad and I bought this lovely C1500 and it is on its way to be a sleeper truck, hopefully! 

Jeffrey Hall & his '87 Chevy

Jeffrey Hall & his '87 Chevy

This is a frame off restoration with a muscle car era touch. It has a Yenko theme. The engine is a SBC 355ci 6” h-beam rods. It has 2 cylinder heads, 200cc 64cc chambers, 9.7 compression pump gas, Vic Jr intake w/750 Holley DP, Comp Extreme energy 284/296 w/1.6RR, Hooker Super Comp Headers, MSD ignition & Pro Billet distributor.

Raymundo Izaguirre & his '73 Chevy

This truck was my daily driver after given to me as a graduation present. I broke down in the middle of the street during high traffic. It sat in my yard for about 7 months before I decided I didn’t need a mechanic. I fixed it last week and now it runs like new. I brought her back to life and I feel like it’s time to pass her on. I’ve has enough stories by her side and I’ve reincarnated her for someone else. I’m just waiting for the right buyer to be graced with her beauty.