Luke Gookstetter & his '76 GMC

I bought my 1976 GMC as is for $1,800. Now I am rebuilding it to be a fun driver.

David Koch & his '91 Chevy

I picked this truck up for 900 bucks. I am in the process of converting it to a carbureted 4.3. Someone started it but I guess I’ll finish it. All the engine front parts were missing and there's a lot to still do. I needed another truck as my ‘93 Ford Ranger is going to need a lot of TLC, but that's another story.

Robert Giddens & his '03 Dodge

I bought my Dodge 2nd hand. My daughter picked it out on the lot with 54,000 miles on it. It currently has 210,000 miles on, factory paint all original. I installed updated gauge cluster with all gauges on it from another year, installed auto dimming review mirror, dodge emblems to the front fenders. This car has taken me and up and down the east coast with cheerleading comps, to the beach several times, through the storms and ice and snow, cranks up every time and its ready to ride, this is my trusty stead.

Abel Garcia & his '85 Ford

This is my 1985 Ford F150. I got it 4 years ago and have been buying parts from LMC catalog to restore it.

Bryan Caldwell & his '77 Chevy

Bryan Caldwell & his '77 Chevy

Last year my wife bought her Dad's ‘77 C10 for me for my 50th birthday. Her Dad passed away in 2006 and left the truck to his son. Due to life circumstances he never was able to do anything with the truck. It just sat. It sat from 2006 to 2015 only being started a few times in the earlier years.

Cody Raine & his '06 Chevy

I got an ‘06 LBZ Duramax the summer I graduated high school. It is my pride and joy. Since I have bought it I have put aftermarket wheels and tires on it, debadged the doors and the 4x4 on the bed, blacked it out, put a 4in straight pipe and a 3in down pipe. This truck is my daily driver.

Kenny McCraw & his '67 Chevy

The 1967 C10 pickup is my wife's great great grandpa’s pickup. He bought it brand-new in 1967. It has never been touched. It has the original 327 engine with a Rochester 4 bbl.

Matt Kowalski & his '97 Ford

Old Fords were always my dream trucks. As I was looking for my first truck I saw this one and that night I went and bought it.  Ever since then I was in love with my dream truck.

Chuy Robles & his '71 Chevy

Chuy Robles & his '71 Chevy

My father and I purchased this bad boy roughly about 3 years ago in my parents’ home town of Fresnillo Zacatecas. You could say it was abandoned in a ranch, just sitting there going to waste. That's when we took the initiative and purchased this truck. We just couldn't let such a beautiful Cheyenne just sit there and rot. What other people saw as a "waste." We saw nothing but potential and beauty. 

Dwayne Locker & his '95 Chevy

I bought it about 2 years ago. It has a 2.2 liter engine with a five speed in it. She had about 200,000 miles on her and still running strong. I bought her to make a prostreet out of it. I have done most of the work myself. I did all the body work and paint, put the engine it and trans which is a 355 / 700f4 trans. It is a narrowed 8.8 Ford rear end with disc brakes and 456 gears. It is a blast to drive and I would not sell it for any amount of money.

Jeremy Hayden's '98 Dodge

This is the best truck I've ever owned. It has 230,000 miles and still goes strong. It doesn’t look like it has that many miles! It is very dependable and Dodge strong! It’s a ‘98 SLT 4x4 5.2L Magnum V8.

Ray Stovall & his '86 Ford

I found my truck in September of 2007 with 76,000 miles bone stock. The previous owner had it for 3 years and it sat in his driveway. He is owner of a garage in East Haven, CT.

Cody Davis & his '77 Ford

I bought this truck a few months ago. I sold my 1994 Ford F150 for it. I have not got a chance to do anything with it yet. I drove it a little bit. It is a 1977 Ford F250 Highboy 390 4 Speed. It is a solid truck. I plan on redoing the whole truck one day.

Eddie Jensen & his '86 Chevy

I'm 18 and been working on it for about 6 months. It has taught me a lot since this is my first restoration. It is still a work in progress.

Noah Ewing & his '84 Chevy

This is my ‘84 K10. It is my first truck. It was a 305. It is basically all original with just a little help from you guys!