Brett Morris & his '73 Chevy

I restored this truck from ground up when I was 12 years old. It was my first truck and has been my baby ever since I've gotten my license.

Oscar Poveda & his '56 Chevy

I have been building this truck for about nine years. It was totally rusted. I had to replace doors, fenders and fabricated the floor. I installed a Mustangs front end and coil over on the rear end that I shorted. It has disc brake all around. The top has been chopped and the hood pancaked. The bed is out of a 1990 truck that has been modified to fit the shape of the truck.

David Britton & his '04 Chevy

This is my 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71. It has a leveling kit, L.E.D Lights and fender flares.

Del Bartel & his '57 Chevy

Grandpa bought it new. It was purchased for work and used on the farm for many years. When Grandpa left the farm, he gave me the pickup. When I asked him if he expected me to restore it, he said, "No, you can drive the damn thing off of a cliff if you want to". I chose to not do that. It's not very pretty and unfortunately it has lost even more paint having sat outside for quite a few years, but I love the patina, and the fact that it is a totally unrestored original survivor. So do lots of other people because it has started many conversations over the years. Mechanically, it is quite sound, with the original drive train (235/3-speed on column) still performing great. I plan to leave it alone, as it reminds me of Grandpa.

Andrea Pontello & her '96 Ford

My 1996 F150 OBS lowered 5"/4" dream beams and shackles/hangers with an EFI 5L, CAI, hedman long tube headers true dual side exit exhaust setup. My Daily Driver with 130,000 kms (80,000 miles est.).
Thanks for your outstanding business to help owners like me out with my beautiful truck!! Cheers

Mark Magana & his '57 Chevy

My 1957 Chevy truck has been my dream truck since I was 7 years old. Now 20 years old I have 2 of them and are currently building both of them.

Cody Taylor & his '88 Ford

This truck has been in my family since the 90’s. It was my dad's then I got it.

Steve Webber & his '64 Ford

My dad bought this truck at an auction 15 years ago. He never did anything with it; it just sat in his field for over 10 years rusting away. I told him to bring it to my shop and I'll see what I can do with it. One year and $6,000 later, it has been wining trophies almost every week at local car shows.

Calvin Cerrone & his '85 Chevy

Calvin Cerrone & his '85 Chevy

After getting my first job on my fifteenth birthday, I started to save all of my money with the goal of buying a square body Chevy. I had always loved these trucks and it was my dream to have one. After a couple of months of saving up all my money I started looking around for a truck that I liked and I could still afford. 

Jerry Medlin & his '69 Ford

I bought the truck in 1972. I started restoring it a year ago. I bought all my parts from LMC Truck! I love my truck.

Gabriel Garcia & his '66 GMC

This was the very first car I purchased back in 1992 and I still own it today. It was last completed over 21 years ago and is now undergoing a complete frame off custom restoration.

Matt Buning & his '95 Chevy

I bought this truck and I put a 3 in lift and 33 on it. It's not the best looking truck but it's pretty cool.

Ryan Yost & his '96 Dodge

Saved the old red lady from the boneyard in 2009. I purchased it without a transmission or wheels for $1000. 5in skyjacker lift was already installed. Magnum 318 had 110k on it and ran very rough.
rebuilt, re-geared transmission with extended rear driveshaft
AirRaid cold air intake, Holley TB, TBS, resealed intake manifold, Gibson shorty headers, Cat-less Y pipe, Gibson supertruck side exhaust.
Mopar Stage 2 CPU, '98 fuse block, Accel distributor, ceramic wires, heat boots, quad platinum plugs, Boche 120A alternator
+25% radiator and 180degree Tstat and dual electric cooling fans, AC and fan eliminator pullies.
3in body lift on top of 5in Skyjacker suspension lift, Skyjacker nitro shocks. Complete front end rebuild with dual steering assist, front axle shafts resealed, U-joints and hub assemblies. Replaced all brake lines and front rotors and calipers.
Roll bar with 4x Hella Flood lights, New OEM headlights and fog lights with HID ballasts.
American Racing 16in wheels with 35in Goodyear Wrangler duratrac
Still an ongoing project, the truck is driven daily. Addressing fender rotting and plan to paint the entire truck this summer. Fender flares and brushguard are also planned.

Max Baumgartner & his '69 Chevy

Me and a friend of mine both share a love of trucks. We work on them almost every day together to get better mechanical skills. I have a one owner 1969 C10 and he has a 1969 C20.

Levi Dilday & his '78 GMC

This GMC has been through a bunch of problems but continues to get fixed. In 2014 I totaled the truck, smashed the front end in. Within about 5 months I got her back up to par and was able to drive again. Right after this my rear diff decided to blow and it's been a nightmare since then until now. I am back on the road once again.

Steven Brose & his '90 Chevy

My father bought this truck brand new back in the summer of 1990. This truck was handed down to me when I got my license in high school. She has 310,000 original miles on her and she is still running strong!!! I wouldn't trade this truck for a new one.