Weston Long & his '77 Ford

I bought it after a car accident. Now this is my daily driver. It’s going to get painted and restored.

Chuck Rodriguez & his '84 Ford

I traded a ‘94 Chevy for this Ford 3 yrs ago. It has 151k on the clock. It was silver & white w/red pinstripe. I’ve repainted it twice since I got it. I added the stripes down the hood and wrapped them down the fenders back to the wells on the bed. This was all done with spray paint in a can. It has a bench seat with a floor shifter and 4x4. It works great for a little work truck.

Nicholas Juliana & his '90 Ford

This is my 1990 F150 351. It has 59,000 original miles, original paint and it is all stock. I bought it off an uncle after it was sitting in a barn for years. I cleaned it up. It is the best truck I've ever driven.

Kevin Fernandez & his '96 Dodge

I have a 1996 dodge Ram 1500 that was passed down from my grandfather. It had a 5.2 liter 318 engine with dual exhaust, sounds like a beast and rides like wave.

Juan Tejeda & his '27 Dodge

Juan Tejeda & his '27 Dodge

Hello, my name is Juan Tejeda. I am a retired Deputy from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department in California. I watched one of your shows and thought I would share our 1927 Dodge Brother’s Four Screen with you. Years ago, around 1987 I found this Gem in its dilapidated condition, waiting to be sent to the dismantler. 

Daniel Kozicz & his '98 Chevy

This is a 1998 EX police interceptor turned into a family truck. It has 230,000 miles on it and it’s running strong. It has the original Vortec engine and transmission. She has a couple upgrades nothing major. This Tahoe has been through the Arizona desert and the Nevada desert all her life.

Jacob MacKay & his '76 Chevy

It was a “me and my dad” typical truck story but means more than anything to me. We were going to fix it up but unfortunately he passed away 6 years ago.

Jim Rickfelder & his '87 Ford

I just ordered tip to tail body skins for a 1987 Ford Ranger, 4WD. We live in the rust belt so the bottoms were gone. I was pleasantly surprised from the initial order to the final fit of the body panels. Thanks for your help in making this restore a success.

Josh Babcock & his '87 Chevy

It's an ‘87 r10 with a new tbi 350, new 700r4, Flowmaster exhaust, spray in bed liner, all new a/c components, and all LMC Truck parts.  I've owned about 8 of these short beds and I think I've finally got a keeper. It’s also a daily driver. This truck and I have been all over and we've towed a lot of vehicles too. Thank you LMC Truck for having everything I need.

Joe Whittle & his '90 Chevy

I am Dillan Garibay and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was little I went to car shows with my father and I looked at all the trucks and cars. I always enjoyed the trucks more for some reason. 

Dillan Garibay & his '91 Ford

I am Dillan Garibay and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was little I went to car shows with my father and I looked at all the trucks and cars. I always enjoyed the trucks more for some reason. When It was time to start driving and get my own truck I looked and looked for the right one until one day my father found a 1991 Ford Ranger. It wasn't my dream truck but I liked it and I grew to love it. It wasn't in the best shape but I still thought the world of it. We talked for hours about things we both wanted to do to it. We started with wheels and tires and then a lift. After that came all the other parts, so we turned to LMC Truck where we bought every part for it. We bought everything from bumpers, the grille, headlights, anything and everything LMC Truck offered for our truck. We had it painted and put it together. It came out looking better then we ever thought. I drove it everyday to high school and work. I then heard about the local car show I went to when I was little so I decided to put the truck in it. It got first place! I ended up going to car show after car show. I ended up going to over 30 cars shows and placing at all of them but 1. I was 14 when I got the truck I'm 19 now and still ordering parts for the truck from LMC Truck to keep it looking new and updated. I am also going to all the shows and showing off all my dad and I’s hard work and everybody loves the truck. It's crazy how much one truck has made a impact on my life and all the people who have helped me. Thank you LMC Truck for all the support and help along the way. If it wasn't for y'all I wouldn't have what I have today.

Jordan Schultz & his '79 Chevy

I found my truck in a old shed where I would take my vehicles to get worked on. The mechanics dad had an old lawn mower for sale that my grandpa wanted. We walked into the shed to go get it and that’s where she sat. I fell in love with it. We took the lawn mower then about a week later I called the owner and ended up buying it for $1,500. I won't ever let it go now.