Charles Shinsky & his '51 Chevy

Charles Shinsky & his '51 Chevy

I have made a living and my hobby as a mechanic, so when I found a 1951 Chevy truck in my birth year I snatched it up quick. I did the monster truck, race truck, street truck, but never restored one. In my research I found the original owner was a Kansas farmer and I was working for John Deere Tractor at the time. It had to stay a farm truck! This was my first try at restoration; with the help of LMC it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Salvador Flores & his '79 Ford

It was a non running truck when we got it. Now it's painted with carpet, exhaust, duel Flowmasters, Super 44s, Led Lights inside with a system.

Ryan Williams & his '85 Chevy

This build started when my dad and I went and drug this truck out of the woods. It was only a cab and two frame rails. We completely restored this 1985 inside and out! We put a brand new 355 motor and 700r4 trans. I purchased all of the cosmetic pieces from LMC! Let me just say y'all have quality parts and great customer service! It would really mean a lot if y'all would put my truck in one of your magazines! Please give me a call for more pictures of interior or any questions! Thanks everyone at LMC!!

Cecil McGinnis & his '66 Chevy

These trucks belonged to my dad. He called it old faithful. When he passed away I wanted to have it restored to remind me of my dad. I got every part from LMC to restore the truck with now it is in mint condition. I'm planning on putting it in shows especially local ones where everyone knew my dad and old faithful.

Brian Simmons & his '82 Chevy

Brian Simmons & his '82 Chevy

I Bought A 1982 4x4 half ton back in 2008 for 1,000 dollars. I stripped it all the way down to the frame replaced everything. Brand new 8" superlift springs, bushings, ball joints, drag links, tie rod ends, brakes and all universal joints. If it un bolted it was replaced, whether it needed it or not. I started with the rebuilt 350 then came across a LT 1 350 out of a 70 Camaro.

Blake Fite & his '91 Chevy

When I got my truck the paint was coming off and the interior was trashed. It was my second truck and I loved it from the beginning! When I got it I knew a lot had to be done. My dad told me about LMC truck magazines and I got one! Shortly, we were buying all new interior! Thanks to LMC my truck has been given a new life and looks fantastic!

Alfred Duquette & his '49 Chevy

I bought this 1949 Truck 6 years ago. With the help of LMC Truck parts I got it back to a trophy truck. Winner of 5 trophies and still more to come. The bed kit is all oak and chrome. The picture with the windows boarded up is when I bought it. I had the running boards primed and then painted black. I also had the truck sanded down and repainted green. I have since redone the engine and put in all new brakes, brake lines and master cylinder. 

Brock Austin & his '60 Chevy

I have always wanted to build a custom vintage truck. I purchased a 1963 Ford F100 a few years ago that needed a lot of work, in fact too much work. I sold it and started looking for a more suitable truck almost right away. I found this nice Pro Street style truck on EBay and purchased it that evening sight unseen. I rented a trailer and drove to Georgia to pick up the truck a few days later. After getting the truck home I have cleaned the truck up fixed all the bad parts and of course added nitrous. This truck is everything I have dreamed of and I'm extremely proud of it. I make sure I get to as many car shows and cruse-ins as I can.

Jimmy Gross & his '80 Chevy

Jimmy Gross & his '80 Chevy

I am not sure if it's worth a share or not, but meet Christy. My first truck. She really wasn't much to start with from the beginning. I don't know if it was that attachment you get over that first car. That first gate to freedom as a kid, but I've always had a connection to this old Chevy. As just kids, my best friend and I poured so much into this beat up old rusty farm truck. Trying to make the dreams and the vision that we both had for her a reality. It will be 5 years in December since my best friend was killed in a car accident, playing on a back road, just being kids like all of us do. 

Jerod Birzer & his '03 Dodge

I recently purchased this truck in completely stock form in Texas from an older gentleman. I knew what I wanted it to look like when it was done and I knew LMC had everything I needed. I started with headlights, taillights and dash, and then moved onto grille and bumpers all paint matched to the truck. Then I did a level kit, wheels and tires.

Mark Kirichkow & his '63 Chevy

Worn out farm truck from Amarillo, Texas. Original drive train, 2wd, crash low 3 speed on the column and a wood bed. After fixing her up, it was my sons 16th birthday present in 1995. After owning it for 8 years and getting tired of it, I got it back from him. Drive it to Chicago regularly to visit family. Most reliable vehicle of all 10 cars in the pole shed. Notice the ‘57 Chevy headlight peeking out from the shed.

Jason Szurgyjlo & his '94 Blazer

I found it in someone’s back yard rotting away. The guy used it for work so it was a little beat up, so I talked him into buying it, 3000 later and it was mine. Since I work at a body shop I started tearing into it, fixing all the dents and dings. Sanded it all down and shot it with some hot rod black, body lifting it, bad ass rims, customs sheet metal work to cover up the nasty gaps and frame exposure, threw on a flow master exhaust and a k&n cold air intake. Now it looks just the way I want it too!!! Thank you LMC Truck for having a lot of the little parts I need!!!