H Dm & his '89 GMC

H Dm & his '89 GMC

This truck had been sitting for 2 years under one of those self erect enclosures. I bought this truck from my friend’s family June 6, 2014. I spoke to his mother and brother and they were happy to see the truck go to one of his friends. His mother told me it was sad to see her son’s truck go. That’s where the story gets a little complicated.

Joel Fuik & his '69 Chevy C10

Joel Fuik & his '69 Chevy C10

This is our 1969 Chevy C10 with 3 on the tree and 250 straight 6. I bought our truck from the original owner. Our truck has only 91,000 original miles. Everything is original except for a few minor things. It still has the original drive train. It does not have the original 250 engine right now due to a couple rod bearings going out.

Trenton Miller & his '84 Chevy

Trenton Miller & his '84 Chevy

I bought this truck in August for $1500, it is my first vehicle. I've never been so in love with a piece of machinery, I love everything about it. I love thinking about it, I love searching for parts to add to it, and most importantly I love driving it! I'm always searching for an excuse to go cruising around town. 

Logan Baker & his '82 GMC

My dad bought this truck 10 years ago and he has been saving it for me every since. I will be turning 16 soon. I have been fixing this truck for the past year. It has a 1969 327 that makes about 300-350 horses. I’m in the process of putting a 12 bolt rear end in with 3.43 rear end gears. It is lowered about 3” from stock. 

Evan Bryant & his '93 Chevy

Evan Bryant & his '93 Chevy

I bought this truck to get to pipe welding jobs. It was a real junker. I had to install a transmission. I drove it for over a year primed and knocking. This last October I decided that truck deserved to be rebuilt. I stripped the interior and replaced everything except the buckets, with LMC parts.

Kollin Watson & his '90 Dodge

My brother bought a 2nd generation 5 speed and I fell in love with it. When I got my license I found this old girl sitting in a guy’s yard with a plow attached to it. I stopped and asked the guy about it. He told me $1,000 would buy it as it sits. It is an early 90’s Dodge with only 110,000 miles on it. It’s not even broken in yet. After I started driving it the cab broke off the frame. The cab mounts were past shot, so I started buying parts. That’s when the project began. First the box came off and then the cab soon followed. The motor was the next thing to go. I’ve got 3k into just body parts. I love this truck and I hope to give it to my son one day. 

Eric Watters & his '77 Ford

Old Faithful has been in our family her entire life. She started out as my grandpa’s truck. My grandpa gave it to his granddaughter and it was rebuilt. She mainly used it to get to high school and college. Once she was out of college, she bought a new car leaving Old Faithful behind. It sat for years in the sun changing colors from red to orange. That’s when I got my hands on it. That was about 6 years ago. She is a lifelong project for me. I am looking forward to the day she is how I want her.  

Eric Roste-Unfred & his '03 Chevy

I just picked this truck up about a month ago and I love the sucker. I missed driving a full size Chevy for many years while driving a Tacoma. I have already bought stock PYO wheels, a black from emblem, new black running boards, new stereo and new speakers all around. 

Tommy Bond & his '88 GMC

A few years ago my uncle bought this truck and it is in the process of being restored. We almost have the entire engine rebuilt, but there is still interior work to be done. The truck has a 4” life but I do need new tires. We plan on using LMC for everything we can.

Byron Diltz & his '56 Chevy

My dream truck was built by my cousin, Thomas Joyce, in his home garage. The project took about three years to complete. This is a retirement gift to myself after 24 years of service in the United States Air Force. The color of the truck is supersonic blue because of my love of airplanes.

Aubrey Johnson & his '86 Chevy

This is a father-son restoration. My father bought our 1986 Chevy Silverado in February of 1987. The truck has been in our family ever since. When I turned 16 my father passed the truck down to me. I have plans to restore it soon. Most body shops did not want to work on it because of the extensive amount of rust. We had only one option and that was to work on it ourselves. After three months of hard work, my truck is looking sharp!

Adam Young & his '76 Ford

One morning when I went to play golf with my dad we saw an old Ford for sale. After we played golf, we stopped and talked to the man that had it for sale. Two weeks later we came back, gave the man an offer and now I own the truck. I forgot to mention, I am only 14. I have done all the restoration on my truck. My old classic is far from done but every day I complete a little more. Thank you for listening to just the beginning of my truck story. 

Kason Tucker & his '93 Dodge

This is my 1993 Dodge truck. It is a diesel. My truck is mostly all original.