Kevin Hogge & his '80 Ford

My Dad bought this truck new in late 1979. He drove it for several years. He eventually bought another truck. This one sat behind his shop for about three years before I brought it home in 2011 and started to bring it back to life.
Almost everything I've bought for this truck has come from LMC.
We have a ways to go, but we're getting there thanks to LMC.

Bill Betz & his '70 Ford

Bill Betz & his '70 Ford

My 1970 Ford Pick-up

My name is Bill Betz and I bought this 1970 Ford F-250 Camper Special Super Sport from its original owner in 1990. It is from northern California so it has no rust and has never been in an accident. Its original color was Wimbledon white over lime green, but I had it repainted a darker, semi-metallic Ford forest green in 2003.

Don Novotny & his '84 Dodge

This is a 1984 Dodge Ram. This was my first brand new pickup. My wife and I drove to Disney World on our honeymoon and back. We are coming up on our thirty year anniversary We would like to do this again with the same type of truck. We would like to find one out there so I can restore it and relive some memories. Does anyone have one? I don’t care if it rusty or running. We have had some bad times and would just like to relive some things.

KC Shaulis & his '96 Ford

I got the truck as a pile of rust and started from the bottom restoring it. It's originally an XL but I swapped in power windows and cloth bucket seats. I got it repainted and added a couple of other odds and ends to it.

Alex Williams & his '78 Ford

She's a ‘78 Ford Bronco. She has a 351 modified, sitting on mud tires. I got her last year. She was/is a fixer upper but still she's one heck of a Bronco.

Javier De Jesus & his '48 Ford

Rebuilding this truck represents a personal challenge which lasted about three years. In the process I found it very difficult to get the parts until I found LMC Truck. It helped my reconstruction. The process of this truck is handmade as it was carved by a Mexican tinsmiths and the mechanical reconstruction was made by me. I am proud and satisfied with the work I have accomplished.

Jamison Mathews & his '86 Ford

My mom and dad bought this truck for my first vehicle and it only had 54,000 miles.

Monty Klaus & his '73 Ford

It has 44k original miles. It is a frame off restoration using LMC parts only. 

Nick Brown & his '06 Dodge

I bought my truck used with 66k on it. It was a stock truck. I'll have it for two years in December and in the time I put 27k miles on it. I have also repainted the bumper to match my truck. Put a 6inch lift kit on with 35inch Toyo open country tires on. With 20x10 fuel fuels. Truck has a 5inch turbo back exhaust to 7inch tip. Also running a smarty tuner on it and I am planning on doing so much more. My build never stops.

Paul Rooney & his '97 Chevy

Paul Rooney & his '97 Chevy

This truck was originally from Tennessee and then brought up to Massachusetts where I then purchased it. It had 146k miles and needed top end engine work. I'm not handy with the newer engines. I am used to working on pre-emission engines, so thus she sat for a good 3 months over winter time. 

Wes Bentley & his '78 Chevy

My grandfather bought the truck. I used to mess with him about just giving it to me. Then one day my father and I were sitting around and he said “well lets go get this truck.” I had just passed my driving test and got my license. I had no clue we were picking up a truck for me, let alone the Scottsdale. We pulled in my grandparents drive way I was shocked to find my grandfather holding the keys out for me. I had now found that my dad bought it for me from him.

Jayme Powell's '98 Chevy

I got this truck 3 years ago for my 15th birthday. Over the years I've worked on it a little by little. As of now it has a new transmission, leveling kit, flow master 40 series exhaust, Monroe off road shocks, 29.5 nitto trail grappler tires, hid headlights, spray in bed liner, tool box, Kenwoods radio, kicker door speakers, after market grille, new window tint, the chassis repainted, and new skid plates.

Rafael Lopez & his '79 Ford

When we first traded for this truck, the only appealing thing about it was its paint job! Fast forward 3 years and this beauty has seen an engine replacement, transmission conversion, power brake and steering installation, and that's not even the half of it! All the work, however, has truly paid off in making it our pride and joy!