Justin Dunnuck & his '85 Chevy

The truck was completely trashed when I bought it. I got truck thinking it would be a great work truck. It ended up being a big project. I ended up fixing all the rust and getting a new paint job. I'm preparing it for a Chevy 350 motor. 

Kolby Sisson & his '70 Chevy

This truck was given to me when I was 13 years old by my grandmother. My grandfather purchased it new in 1969, and it has been in our family ever since. It was restored years ago and I have now begun to get it back to its former glory. For me, this is more than a truck, it is the one piece of my grandfather that still remains with me. My time with him was short, but it's a constant reminder of the man he was.

Caesar Qardan & his '79 Chevy

All I can say is it drained all my pockets with a smile on my face. I have had it for 7 years and every time I look at it, it makes me happy. I feel like I just bought it brand new back in 1979 (with a twist). Thanks to LMC Truck for making my dream come true.

Justin Markum & his '99 Chevy

The truck used to belong to my uncle. The truck was factory original until he passed away. My step granddad took it and upgraded it by putting a dual cowl hood with some new stylish rims and made some step bars for it. He then got sick and passed away so my grandmother kept the truck for me to drive. For my 16th birthday, she let me put dual chrome exhaust tips on it and I have had the truck ever since.

Andrew Lodwig & his '71 Ford

This is my dad's '71 F-100. We won it on an eBay bid that was just about what we could offer. We didn't think there was any way in hell we were gonna get it but sure enough we did. We drove it back up to Northern California from LA. All my buddies give me a hard time about why I like driving an old beat up truck, but as they say, it's the miles that make a man. I wouldn't trade this thing in for a rocket.

Luke Bleskin & his '72 Chevy

It is a 1972 Chevy truck. It has been restored and is a awesome running truck.

Richard Harlan & his '78 Chevy

My grandfather bought me my first truck from an old farmer when I was a freshman in high school. It is all original except for a cracked 350 block. We rebuilt the 400 ourselves, turbo trans. It has taken a long time for my truck to be where it’s at right now and it’s still under construction.

Bryan Sober & his '03 Chevy

I bought this truck used in 2013 and it has been one of my projects ever since. It was in rough shape when I got it.  The rocker panels were gone and I replaced them with LMC rockers. The front suspension needed help and almost every sensor on the engine was bad. I got it running well and used it as a work truck painting houses for a while. Now it's my daily driver with a few upgrades. It is a great truck.

Will Walston & his '87 Chevy

It's a 1987 Chevy Scottsdale 3\4 ton 4×4. I got the truck when I was 16 and restored it from the ground up. It's been my daily driver for about 4 years now.

Aaron Burkle & his '97 Chevy

I just picked this baby up and we have a long road ahead of us. I'm going to keep it as close to original as possible but I'll definitely be adding a few custom things to it from LMC Truck!

Jacob Tijerina & his '94 Chevy

It’s a work in progress but it’s my 1994 Chevy 1500. It’s my first truck

Paul Broom & his '53 Ford

I started working on the truck last year in May. As I tore down the bed and body to the frame I started ordering parts. Mostly from LMC Truck. All parts came in perfect condition and nicely wrapped. Now almost a year later I am finally pulling engine this week I hope. Due to major neck and back issues progress has slowed way down. I am doing this myself in my garage. I lost my job this January. Working on truck is great therapy. Wish me luck.

Charlie Landen & his '96 GMC

This is my 1996 GMC with the 5.7 350. It's just a project truck.

Steve Furr & his '88 GMC

The year was 1998 and I needed a farm truck to hull hay and horse feed. My friend at work had a 10 year old truck for sale and it was the ‘88 GMC with 98,000 miles on it. He was the first owner and I was the second. I used this truck for 16 years of hard work while depending on LMC Truck to get my parts. With over 225,000 miles on it now and all original and still looking great it takes a backseat to my 2002 Ford Ranger. Thanks LMC Truck for keeping these old truck going.

Brandon Donovan & his '82 Chevy

Brandon Donovan & his '82 Chevy

My senior year in high school I took Collision and Refinishing and needed a senior project and a nice truck. I had looked for weeks to find this gem that was from Texas originally. I had bought the truck for 3k and it looked a little rough around the edges but I knew how and what it would look like after I bought it. It took me 6 months to redo the truck from axles up. 

Jill DeLong & her '56 Chevy

I got this truck 17 years ago. My Dad bought this for us to fix up around the same time my Brother was dirt track racing. He got a motor for his mini stock and I got a truck that was in a cow pasture at the time. The purchase price was around $400.00. I just have finished about a month ago with the help of my Dad and my Husband.

CJ Holt & his '72 Chevy

CJ Holt & his '72 Chevy

 recently purchased this '72 C10/burb conversion I'm dubbing the "c30crew". The body is a '72 cab and a '72 suburban back half with a suburban roof. It's currently a three door, just like the old burbs, but is going into surgery starting next week to have the fourth door built. Hence the name "c30crew". 

Brook Johnson's '86 Dodge

I’m from Kentucky. I've wanted my truck for a long time. I've had it for about a year.