Trey Williams & his '96 Ford

My uncle bought this truck in 1995 and drove it until 2010 then the transmission when out and my brother got it. He did a new transmission and rebuilt the motor less than 1000 miles later he hit a pole, now it’s my chance to buy it. I’m only 16 and I tore the front end apart and rebuilt it all by myself. Most kids age wouldn’t even think about doing that.

Adel Alshehabi & his '91 Chevy

In the May of 1991, after my dear country was just liberated from the Iraqi invasion, I decided it was time for to celebrate with an investment. To me, purchasing my truck was the utmost greatest investment I've made. Choosing to purchase a truck that until this day never seems to let me down and thankfully to LMC Truck I've been able to maintain, update, and even upgrade this precious truck. So thank you LMC Truck for enabling me to enjoy and utilize my truck that has transported me throughout my life's milestones.

Bix Gaul & his '01 Dodge

This is my first real truck. I started off with a 1997 Isuzu hombre. I got my first job rolling burritos for $9 dollars an hour. I finally saved up enough to buy this truck. I finally have an American made truck that is awesome. I’m from California but I bought this truck to drive out to Colorado in. I’m moving to Colorado to go work on a ranch and this truck is my ticket there. I call her "The Gunslinger"

Rudy Beale & his '86 Chevy

I always like trucks since I was a kid on my knees. I went to Texas on a trip and on Sept 30 I was sitting at a traffic light when a six wheeler ran in the back of me totaling my ’86 Chevy C20. I could have cried. I was without a truck for six months. So I bought another 1986 Chevy, and I restored the whole thing thanks to LMC trucks. I have been a customer since September 1995. This ’86 Chevy has a 350 small block turbo 350 trans and 17 tires and rims. I love this Chevy truck. One time my son asked me if he gave me $25.00 to use my truck but I told him I would give him $25.00 not to ask me anymore. I would say I love this truck. 

Jens Hopen & his '63 Chevy

Bought this truck from a colleague at work. He has done the paintwork outside, inside and the rims. I replaced the floor carpet and the upholstery. This truck is imported to Norway from Texas. I am very pleased with the result, and the truck does make a lot of attention.

Raymond Jahnsen & his '63 Studebaker

I got the truck when I was 14. It looked the same as it does now but my dad and I rebuilt the whole break system, put a stainless true dual exhaust system on it and installed an Edelbrock 600cfm carb. She is my daily driver and next summer it’s getting completely restored.

Ed Rouse & his '65 Chevy

Ed Rouse & his '65 Chevy

This is a 1965 K-10 4X4. Other than the dealer, I am the second owner, having bought it in 1974. The truck was purchased new in 1965 by a neighbor, who was a local farmer. I used it for everything. It was my transportation to work, hunting and fishing trips and a tow vehicle for a racecar that I drove for 13 years. Over the past 40 years, it has had 3 paint jobs and is now on the fourth motor.

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Myron & Drena Blackwell & their '48 KB3

20 yr build dream do come true. This was a kb3 made into a kb1,12inches cut out of the frame then boxed k style cross member with trans cooler and oil cooler with air scoop built in. 454 -60 over 665hp holly 770 carb, 4l60e trans mustang ll front end, ford 9 inch rear end, five link coil over suspension. 11 inch disc 17x8 front 17x10 rear Boyd wheels ididit column vintage air

Update: Joel Camacho & his '86 GMC

I've previously had my GMC on here so I wanted to do an update. I recently had her resprayed back white so she could shine whenever I drove her down the road. For the night time, I added the LED tailbar to make sure she is seen at night as well! I have one more trick up my sleeve so I can put her back up here!

Cody Cooper & his '72 Chevy

It was grandfather’s brother’s truck and my grandfather gave it to me. My grandfather’s brother never drove it; it only had 22 thousand miles. It was given to last Christmas for my first truck and me and my father are restoring it together along with my little brother and my mom.

Jeff Henrichs & his '57 Ford

My 1957 Ford Truck is named "Slim". It was on the television in a commercial for a Ford Dealer. Upon asking my wife what my chances of ever owning that truck she said "Slim to None" lol.  I am now the proud owner of "Slim". I purchased this truck in Lebanon, TN.  To my surprise the title had George Poteet as the former owner (I have copy of old title). Thanks for letting me share. I did not have to do much to it, just a few minor tweaks just because it had been sitting for a while. Thanks again, Jeff Henrichs

David Gray & his '84 Chevy

David Gray & his '84 Chevy

I bought my s10 about 6 years ago. When I bought it, it wasn't in the best shape. It had holes in the floor boards, rocker panels were shot, and the previous owners used galvanized steel to fill in the cab extensions. I never had intentions of fully customizing my truck I just wanted a few updates. My project began by me buying new carpet from LMC. When I pulled up the old carpet that's when I realized I had way more problems than I thought.

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Larry Abbott & his '78 Ford

1978 Ford Bronco Pick up. Under the hood is 400 CUI with a Clay Smith Cam, Performer manifold, 800 Holly Carb, Headers. Not good on gas mileage. The back of the cab is a 1977 150 pickup. The front is all one piece. The pickup bed was all handmade that gives it a little more cab space. The bed has just enough room to pull a 16 foot goose neck trailer. I did all the work myself with the help of a little ginger bread from L.M.C with the black cherry paint. People ask me where they could get one. I tell them as far as I know, Henry Ford only made one.

Jason Harris & his '77 Ford

Jason Harris & his '77 Ford

I purchased this truck in March of 2014. Initially, I was simply looking for a truck to haul to the trash away and to pull a trailer locally. The F-150 was for sale in northeast Alabama & I lived in Northwest Georgia. This was going to be trip worth taking. My search for a 4x4 started the previous winter after several significant snowfalls. I knew that I wanted a Ford from the mid seventies. I had a 73' F100 several years ago and I regret selling it. 

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