Michael Medina 1984 Ford F150

Michael Medina's '84 Ford F150

Basically I've been eyeing this truck from its owner for quite some time. I always loved fire trucks and this one always caught my attention in the neighborhood. The owner had it all restored in the early 2000 but did not want to let go. 15 years later I stumbled upon the owner and saw the truck once again. I instantly fell in love with it all over again even though the truck was not in the best shape it still caught my eye. I bought it for 800 bucks and since then I've been restoring it piece by piece with LMC truck. There isn't a day that I don’t dream about the day it's done.

1984 Ford F150

Michael Pelletier's '84 Ford

Back three years ago I found my truck in Warren, N.H. was about 90 miles one way, up past the N.H. lakes. The fun part was bringing it home, not knowing too much about the truck. It was a
great and fun ride back. People were looking at it and from the looks they liked it. And of
course I came back on the lake side, ran into some friends out cruising, so I joined them. Had a great time in the truck, we stopped a few times and people asked about it, since I just bought it
I told them what I knew. We drove at least 100 miles around the lake. Had a lot of fun and a lot of what year. To this day I still enjoy and have fun driving around and going I runs with my friends, bet thing is. Runs like new and has 70 thousand original miles, good shape and solid under body, love my ole truck.

1974 GMC 1500

Greg Muszynski's '74 GMC

Every year my family, wife, son and daughter go to a tree farm just outside our town and cut down our own Christmas tree. Seems like every year the tree gets bigger, ha ha. So this is not a big trip, but it is a trip we take often on a regular basis, this year my son cut down the tree by himself for the first time. At 14 years old this was his right of passage. The kids nick named the truck "Rusty". With the help of LMC truck we've been slowly restoring Rusty. We get the tree, then on the way back pick up some fire wood for our fireplace and hit our favorite restaurant on the way home for lunch, doesn't get any better than that. The wife and daughter follow us in their new car, my son and I ride in the ol' truck. Maybe next year my son and daughter will switch.

1978 Chevy K1500

Derrick Bruhn's '78 Chevy

My wife's grandfather had passed away and his truck had set in the barn for many years until I had an urge to drag it out and see what I could do with it. It was a 1978 C10 straight six three on the tree. After hauling it home and draining the fuel, it fired right up. Some minor work on the brakes was required, and it was road ready. My plan was to lower the truck and give it a V8 and a six speed. While looking for parts online, I came across an auction for a 1978 4-wheel drive chassis with a V8 and four-speed transmission. I put in a bid and the next thing I know it was mine. The challenge was then on to make an awesome looking 4X4. After removing every bolt and piece, It was obvious it need many new parts. LMC was the place that helped with that part of my journey. I had a great friend that helped with body work and painting. The base color is the original and we chose to two-tone it. Now that it is finished, I love to drive it to special events and on weekends. Thanks to LMC for the great selection of parts!!

1985 GMC C/K 1500

Lonnie Ramos' '85 GMC

I bought my truck from my uncle. He has had the truck for a long time. I grew up watching him go missing in it and I always loved the truck. I never thought I would own it one day now I am lifting it high with an 8" lift and 38" super swampers. I am rebuilding the 350 small block in it to make it have more power and later on down the road I want to reprint it gun metal grey.

1998 Chevy C1500

Tyler Marsh's '98 Chevy C1500

It is a black ‘98 Chevy truck. My father and I started in the summer of 2014 as a father son build. It is lowered on a 4,6 drop with 22 billet rim and a custom interior. It has a shaved tailgate. We are trying to get some money together to paint it.

1969 Chevy C20

Dylan Goodman's '69 Chevy

I bought the truck as is. It has decent paint, all new interior, new bumpers front and rear, 3 row all aluminum champion radiator, new head unit, 350 bored 30 over mated to a 400 trans, dual flow master exhaust cut before diff. I am currently rebuilding motor from ground up.

1989 Chevy Silverado

David Lee's '89 Chevy Silverado 

Well to start off I would featuring a 1973 Ford F100 Ranger that my old man left me when he passed away in 2003. At that time I was only 16 and being young and foolish, ended up putting it upside down in a ditch. In 2007 I was still without a vehicle, the opportunity came up to look at this truck for sale. I checked it out after work and made a deal. I snagged the truck for $1800 cash. Over the years I've been able to keep this 89 step side Silverado in pristine shape. I've done almost everything I can think of to this truck without just dropping in a Ls1 or Ls2 swap. But that plan is still on the drawing board just not right now. (Would appreciate any info on this swap would be appreciated)Ive had it repainted original Red and retrimmed it black on black , blacked out interior, black Bmw leather bucket seats, infinity speakers, Jvc deck with kenwood 700w amp, Grant Black steering wheel with custom DC shoes horn emblem, Added 2014 Silverado badges , added the Moto metal 20 rims on 33 mud tires, Rancho 4" lift kit, Procomp shocks , Single chamber Flowmaster mated with Flowtechs Shorty tubular headers, Edelbrock Tbi Performer intake manifold , Holly 670cfm Tbi, Volant Cold Air Intake, Jet Stage 1 chip, A/c bypass pulley, stock 700r4 transmission with shift kit. I've never had it dyno'd but it's a quick truck for its size,but with all that stuff it doesn't have the thump this truck deserves so that's why I'm looking at Ls packages or maybe a 383 stroker build.

Through LMC I have purchased so many items on this truck from interior carpet kits, full wrap black on black trim kits, both upgraded turning lights and smoked taillights and much more to come. Thank for allowing me to share my story I hope it's good enough to be featured online or even a catalog cover would be amazing

Thanks LMC

1985 GMC Sierra

Monty Yazzie's '85 GMC Sierra

My 1985 GMC 1 ton. I use this truck as a daily driver. LMC has all the parts I need to keep this old guy on the road.

1982 Chevy Silverado

Zane Tucker's '82 Chevy Silverado

I bought it from my Grandpa and fixed it up. 

1984 Chevy K10 Silverado

James Cook's '84 Chevy K10 Silverado

All I got to say is that I love my truck more than anything else. It's the only best friend I got.

1997 Ford F250

Kevin Syryczuk's '97 Ford F250

After 21 months driving 17 miles one way to a shop to work on it, this is the result.

1979 Ford F150

Wade Booher's '79 Ford

It’s a 1979 Ford F150 4x4 short bed that I bought in May of 2015 with only 67,000 original miles.
It has a 351M motor with C6 auto trans, 1995 Ford stock Alcoa wheels with 33-12.50r x 15 Mud Claw tires.

1969 Chevy CST-10

Seth Radford's '69 Chevy

My father and I found the ad for this truck in the local trade paper it read "1969 Chevrolet Stepside $800 Dawson, West Virginia. (304)XXX-XXXX)" We decided to give the number a call and check it out since dad had a soft spot for these old Chevy’s having been passed down a ‘69 step-side by his father. We made the hour drive up the interstate and back into the woods to see this truck. On first sight it wasn't much to look at as the attached pictures show, but it was definitely a ‘69 Chevy and that's what counted. The seller came down to $500 and we left a $50 deposit to come home and gather up the rest. We rolled change and cashed bonds to get the funds and a week later it sat in the back yard. Being a 13 year old kid with their first truck naturally I was ecstatic and couldn't stay out of it. I spent countless hours and every dime earned from odd jobs and eventually my first real job fixing it up. In the meantime at 16 I got a 1972 Cheyenne to drive but this ‘69 was always the project. It took eight years and a few long nights but it's on the road now. As I start up my Electrical company I hope to get it back to its original medium green color with my logo on the doors as a mobile billboard for car shows.
A little history on the truck itself. It came out of the Atlanta, Georgia plant in 1969 as a cab and chassis CST-10. Equipped with a 350 and a TH350 Auto trans it was sold to the Altec Co. Where it was fitted with a utility bed on Dec. 12, 1969 and served as a work truck for the power company until 1988 when it was parked. Sometime between 1988 and 2006 it was brought to West Virginia where I purchased it and the rest is history. Since I've been unable to locate a utility bed to fit it I will have to run it as a stepside. But hey nothing beats a nice old stepside.

1978 GMC Sierra

Wes Dunkin's '78 GMC Sierra

My dad bought the truck brand new in 1978. It used to have "Steet Coupe" striping down the sides. Pretty plain truck but this is the original color from GM. Never used off road and only 94,000 original kms. Heads and carb have been rebuilt. I bought it, ordered all GM parts, hood, doors etc and had it painted. Put a 4" Rancho lift and 33" tires, dynomax exhaust. Great old truck and stayed in the family.


1994 Chevy C1500 Silverado

Lloyd Utsch's '94 Chevy 

I bought this truck from a farmer in Minnesota, after driving it home to Eagan I gave it a much needed bath and started driving it to work the rest of that summer 2008. I then put it away for the winter to start my restoration project. I first started with interior and the under carriage which was so packed with mud and dirt and small rocks that it took the rest of winter to chisel out. The truck basically sat in my garage for the next 2 years. Then sparingly driving it (summers only) for the next 6 years transforming it into what it looks like today. I and all that know me think it turned out pretty nice after many different combinations of parts. The paint and color scheme was done by a good friend and body man Bob Crawford and the best pinstripper I’ve ever known, Cliff Anderson.

1974 Ford F100

Pete Rossi's '74 Ford F100

This is a 1974 F100 Explorer. It has a 360/2v, auto, ps, pb, a/c. 71k miles, 3rd owners and tan vinyl interior. It was originally an Oklahoma truck, with one year in Arizona, before coming to Michigan in 2015.
It runs and drives great! We replaced most of the weather stripping and window seals, and rubber bumpers, with parts from LMC. It is currently stored for the winter, but will be a DD in the summer, and I plan to drive it year round when we move south.
The aluminum slot mags are 1970's, refinished by Detroit Vintage wheels. We love this truck!

1979 Ford F250

Brooke Boyce's '79 Ford F250

This is my 4 door 1979 Ford F-250 with a Lincoln big block 460 in it. My daddy built this truck from scratch and he passed it down to me because I'm a ‘79 fanatic just like him. I love trucks and learning about them!

1970 Ford F100

Scott Stegall's '70 Ford F100

The truck was originally purchased in Georgia and while there was a middleman, I am in reality the 2nd owner. It had 114K original miles on it and it was a difficult combination of options to find, PS, PB, Factory air, short bed, AT and big block with all original parts. I looked for 3 years to find one that was restorable, not just a rust bucket. I spent 10 months on it after work, weekends, vacations, holidays, etc and pretty much brought it back to better than factory original equipment thanks to LMC. I took it down to the frame and started over with every nut, bolt, part, etc by sandblasting and powder coating everything possible, painting everything else. Every single mechanical part was rebuilt or replaced, including complete drivetrain and underside. The only rust was both floor boards which LMC replacements were inexpensive and perfectly fitted for easy repair. I kept everything original because you can always customize, but you can't always get original parts but LMC had the best selection of what I needed!! I don't show it in car shows but I do drive it on nice sunny Texas days and thoroughly enjoy the attention I get from those that remember the "bump" side Ford trucks from their youth! My truck sits garaged next to a big 2007 Ford F100 that I couldn't work on if I wanted to. It's wonderful to be able to work on and understand every part on the old 70 and LMC was a big factor in helping me get this truck restored! Thank you, I hope to see it published in your catalog sometime!! I have lots more pics if you wish to see more of the rebuild process.

1989 Chevy K5 Blazer

Cole Giles '89 Chevy Blazer

I've had this truck for 7 years now and it has become my best friend. I hope to put more LMC parts on it to restore it to its full glory.