Part 6: A Trip to GEARZ

The Bronco took a trip to Nashville for a little TV time with Stacey David. The full episode is available on MavTV. It’s season 8, episode 8.

Stacey’s To Do list on the Bronco included: a new 25 gallon Fuel Tank, Sending Unity, Upper & Lower Tank Straps, Steering Shaft Assembly, Front Shocks, Front Coil Spring Set, Rear Leaf Springs, & Rear Shocks. There is also the Rear Disc Brake Conversion kit, a Rear Axle Shaft, Wheel Bearings, & a Warm Premium Locking Hub Set.

For a list of the parts, please visit the Bronco page on

We do have the teaser of Stacey’s episode to share with you.

Next week we plan to introduce you to the rest of the crew helping make our restored Bronco a reality!

Part 7: Kultured Custom Restorations

Introducing Nate Boyer & Kultured Custom Restorations. These guys are working feverishly on our Bronco to get it ready for its TV debut in November. Anyone who has completed a restoration knows the guys are already under the gun. We have faith in them though! 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates on the Bronco’s progress!

Part 8: What’s Orange & Black With Stripes All Over?

The guys at Kultured Custom Restorations have given the Bronco a new look. Check out that orange paint! There are some gold flecks in there that really make it pop in the sun!

Part 9: If I only had a… Heart?

This week James, Lance & Lee installed the new 351 Windsor engine in our ’79 Bronco. They’re been burning the midnight oil and are really moving quickly through our build. Can’t wait to hear the Bronco roar into life! Keep it up, boys!

Part 10: Sound Dead & Chromed Up

This week the guys at Kultured Customs have installed the new wheels, tires, sound deadening, chrome trim and carpet.