Austin Hatcher Foundation 1971 Chevy Suburban

LMC Truck is proud to be working with the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer on the restoration of this 1971 Chevrolet 3-Door Suburban. Projects like this are used to create awareness about issues related to pediatric cancer, build exposure and raise funds. This Suburban will ultimately be sold to benefit the foundation.

About the Austin Hatcher Foundation:

Through its involvement in the automotive and motorsports industries, the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer has raised nearly $1.5 million in its mission to erase the effects of pediatric cancer in patients, survivors and their families. The foundation’s Diversionary Therapy program is often conducted against the backdrop of a race track with the heroes of the sport actively participating. Its Healthy Lifestyle Education Division integrates automotive elements into its message about nutrition, exercise, sun-safety and tobacco-avoidance. The automotive industry is in its DNA. To find out more visit them at

Part 1: What is the longest running American automotive model name?

Yes, it’s the Suburban. You can’t say Suburban without thinking about a whole bunch of kids.
This Resto-Mod SUV features those classic Chevy looks and many upgrades to bring it up to date. This Suburban will use current electronics and some futuristic elements for navigation and audio. This will be one amazing daily driver that will provide classic looks, performance and modern conveniences to make even the shortest drives fun.
Stay tuned to see each week’s update as Chimera Customs brings this 1971 from the past to the future!

Part 2: Dismantle

PJ & the crew at Chimera Customs in Florida are dismantling the 1971 Chevrolet Suburban. This is a full restoration and the crew at Chimera are going to be very busy. Let’s see how the dismantle is going!

Part 3: Parts Alive

Part 4: Headed to the Sandblaster

The Suburban has been loaded onto the trailer and is off to the sandblaster.

Part 5: Blasted Body Work

The Suburban is back from the sandblaster and looking clean. After being blasted, it’s helped the guys at Chimera Customs identify the places where the Suburban’s sheet metal really needed some TLC. There are quite a few places.
Check out the gallery of before and after pictures of the rust holes & new welds.