Part 11: Mocking up the Bed

This week Baby B has been having the bed mocked up. Check out that unstained wood and stainless steel slat bed. Once the boys get the stain on there, it’s really going to shine. We can’t wait to show you the paint colors too!  As soon as we know, you’ll know!

Part 12: Boxing Day!

It’s about time to start bolting Baby B together, but first The boys are “boxing in” the frame. This will make sure that the frame is straight and has to happen to prepare for all of the updates. This includes a lot of serious fabrication and pain staking measuring but is a must to help install the 383 engine, automatic transmission, IFS, and 4 link rear suspension.

The very last thing that will occur during this step is that the frame must also be leveled from side to side and front to back before they can proceed.

“Fit, Grind, Weld – repeat – Fit, Grind, Weld – repeat…”

Part 13: Independent Front Suspension Installation

This week’s update is the installation of the new Independent Front Suspension. The boys have put in many hours of careful measurements, adjustments, more adjustments, more measurements, and then some fabrication.

The frame had to be completely leveled, left to right & front to back prior to any installation. After the IFS is installed, the components will then be removed to prep the frame for paint. With each update our excitement is growing! We can’t wait to show you all the finished Baby B.

Part 14: IFS Cross Member Installed & Four Link Rear Suspension Installed

This week Baby B has had the new IFS Cross Member permanently installed!

The boys have also installed the Four Link rear suspension with the IFS still attached. To install the rear suspension there is a lot of measuring and adjusting, measuring and adjusting. After it is all perfectly installed, it all will be removed as the fabricated frame will be sanded, primer’ed, and head to the paint shop.

Part 15: Primed!

After the previous “mock up,” the drive shaft brace is now permanently installed.

With all the modifications complete, the frame is put in primer. The boys carefully turn it over to make sure it is beautiful on both sides. Did you spot the chicken?