Part 21: Cab Body Work Continues…

Cab body work is almost completed.

Part 22: Mock Up On Frame

Baby B is now at the stage of her restoration that involves a lot of “mock up.” The cab and bed have been brought together to sit on the frame to be reviewed for a perfect fit. Everything will be analyzed, measured, adjusted, re-measured, until we are satisfied and ready to move forward.

Part 23: Stance

Hard to believe all of this will soon be pulled apart again. The boys are trying to verify that Baby B has the desired “stance” front and rear. In an effort to determine the appropriate tire size and “stance.”

Part 24: Front Clip Mock Up

The front clip is mocked up. It’s checked and re-checked. Everything is checked again to make sure it all goes back together perfectly. Take it apart – put it together – take it apart – put it together, etc., etc., etc…

Part 25: Engine Mock Up

Mocking up the actual engine. The engine, inner fenders, and the front clip are test fit together and will soon be removed to prepare everything for paint.