Rescued 1985 USAF Alert 4 Door 2WD Pick Up

This truck was located on a Gov Auction site and won. It came from the USAF via UGa in Athens Ga. Mileage is 85K and equipped with a 360ci 4 bbl, auto, PS, PB and NO AIR CONDITIONING, no radio either although the passenger fender is holed for a stock antenna. So this lil beauty has had a rough and neglected life.

I do not have a facility to do a full resto, nor do I like so called resto-mods in these fine old gems. My work is to bring them back to serviceable life. This one pictured as you see has not had a BATH as yet because the window seals were less than able to repel water so all are in work being replaced. THEN it will get a proper bath.

So what is in store for this truck?? Obviously window and door seals, graciously supplied by LMC, new mirrors on the doors, also from LMC since these are mid mounted. New tail light lens and screws, also from LMC, and various other small parts. As for the truck it’s going to get a make over in the interior, seats will be recovered with new foam under it. Dents in the bed side panels will be worked out to minimize any filler needed. Dents in the corners of both front fenders will be worked out, passenger side is pretty well done just needs some TLC on it to smooth it out. The grille frame has a dent on the drivers side and from a past Dodge PU, it too will be massaged back to correct appearance.

Mechanically, engine and transmission seem to be in good working order. The engine has already been played with and runs smoothly with proper transmission engagement in D and R. However I did notice the big job forth coming will be ball joints and various other front suspension and steering parts eventually including 4 new shocks, likely air shocks for the rear as well as a new step bumper with a tow hitch under it.

My Career specialty was in aviation electronics and electrical, so if any of you have a Dodge Van or PU and need electrical assistance please feel free to email with your questions. I will help and have the resources, in information, to help you cure your power issues. Enjoy.