Built with Pride 1991 Scottsdale

I was in search of a full sized pickup while living in NC, since I just purchased a home and it became evident that a pickup truck was going to be a necessity.  Little did I know ,that same pickup truck would move me six times.  I purchased it a Lyle Chevrolet in High Point NC on 12/29/1991.  She is a
4.3 L, Straight Drive.  And back then, there was not to many bells and whistles came with it.  It had A/C, premium sound, tilt wheel, sliding rear window, and that was about it. I cherished my purchase and took really nice care of her and in return, she is taking great care of me.

On the tenth birthday of her assembly, which was in April of that year, I swapped out the rubber floor covering and the bench seat with carpet and still a bench seat, however it looks like two captain’s chairs with a fold down armrest.  This truck purrs like a kitten, rides as smooth as any luxury car, and hauls around a lot of stuff for me.  We moved from High Point, NC to Worcester, MA in the same city.  We then moved to Webster, MA, and then upstate NY to East Nassau, NY.  The last move was to Groton, CT….. All those moves and not one issue.  It towed a camper for quite a few years and performed like a champ.

On the 20th Anniversary of the build, I took it to a body shop while still in Upstate NY and had all the body work done and cab mounts replaced.  It was like she went to a spa for 3 weeks.  When I went to pick up my truck, the owners of the shop wanted to purchase it.  They fell in love with it.  Of course, I would not sell it.  They gave the pick up truck a panelized look, as you can see in the photos, and this truck still turns heads to this very day.

Last year it needed brake lines, brakes, fuel lines, fuel tank, and some other minor repairs.  And that, I will say, was probably the the most extensive work it has ever had done.  So that was her 30 year gift from me to her.  And again, this shop wanted to buy the truck from me… No, No, No.

I am very thankful for having the opportunity to own such a wonderful vehicle.  We have been through so much together.  I cherish her and hope that she knows that she is truly loved.  I am 65 now, so this truck has been with for just under half of my life at this point.  And I will say, the only thing I miss is the bench seat.  Should have never swapped it out.

Denniz Stern