Deployment COVID nightmare

I bought the truck several years ago and quickly decided to change the color. I had a vision in mind for the truck. It is a low mileage Cummins. The painter took so long that eventually I had to go on a deployment to the Middle East with the USAF. The truck was almost completely taken apart when I had left and the bodywork was halfway done. During the 2020 deployment, the body shop closed its doors and I came home 6 months later to a big pile of parts. I had to find another body shop. MCC Truck Collision took good care of me. They had to undo all the previous work and start from scratch. With body and paint finally complete in Feb of 2021, I began the process of putting it all together. I had never done that type of work before. I took my time and got it together. I still have plenty to do, but for now, at least I am finally able to drive it and enjoy it!!