F100 & F250

The ’55 F-100: My dad and I restored it from a pile of rusty parts to my daily driver through high school in the mid 90’s.  I eventually started a family and it got parked in a barn for the next 20 years until this last year. I finally got a house with a garage to start my re-restoration. Bought TON’s of parts from LMC Truck and got back to something I’m proud to show.

The 86′ F-250: My dad bought it in 1988 and was our family vacation hauler and utility truck. He no longer needed it so he gave it to me to keep in the family.  I had it re-painted and used several parts from LMC to make it like new again so I can proudly show it along side my 55′.  I’ve had many people stop me and comment on how nice it is or offer to buy it.