Tale of Two Trucks

I take pride in maintaining these trucks to as near original condition as when they were manufactured 70 years ago.  I have always been attracted to the aerodynamic “bullet” grill of the 1951 and 1952 Ford F-series trucks.  Although similar in appearance, these two trucks are quite different.

My green ’52 F2 3/4 ton pick-up comes with standard straight 6-cylinder 226cu in engine coupled to the original 4-speed Warner T8 transmission with 4.86:1 ratio differential.  The 3/4 ton truck has a 122inch wheal base, weighs about 3,800 lbs and comes with the 8ft “Express bed”.  It was an original Missouri farm truck manufactured in St. Louis without a heater or radio.  The F2 is true to it’s bloodline and specs and “drives like a brick”.

My 1951 blue F1 5-Star Deluxe sports a flathead V-8 239 cu in engine, “3 on the tree” Synchro-Silent transmission and a 114 inch wheelbase weighing 500lbs less than the F2 3/4 ton.

Both trucks have been retrofitted with seat belts and signal lights for safety.  Other than a 6 volt electric windshield wiper motor upgrade in the F2, they remain all original, including biased ply tires and 6-volt positive ground electrical systems.  They are each proven show winners.

David G., MD
Oberlin, Ohio