’92 D350 CTD 5spd Dually – Six Pack Super Bee Tribute

I waned a Cummins 4BT for my ’80 stepside, but found this whole truck for less than a 4BT so I sold the ’80.  It was a farm truck from Indiana that drug a 5th wheel camper to Florida every winter.  It was beat to death but rust free.  The camper had been dropped on the driver side bed rail and that dent, of all the dents, bothered me, and things got way out of hand.  I’m a fan of ’69 six pack Super Bees and things just drifted in that direction.

3rd gen wheels, slightly lowered, new glass and seals, interior, fixed stuff as I found it. 2 1/2 yr off and on project.  Hours and hours of body and paint.  Shifter is from a 12 gauge I found in a dump when I was 10 (Busted stock).  It’s a hoot and I’m getting over 25 mpg, in a 1 ton truck. By the way, AC works along with the other options that the LE trim got you.  Thanks LMC Truck for helping out!