I bought this truck in 1997 when I was 17 years old from a elderly man who bought it brand new off the showroom floor in 1969.  The elderly gentleman only drove the truck for 12 years when he decided to park it in his barn and only use it on his farm.  When I was 17 I was delivering firewood I noticed the truck sitting and asked the gentleman if he would be interested in selling the truck.  The gentleman told me that he would be willing to sell me the truck for a $100.  The truck didn’t run when I bought it because it needed new tires, a battery, distributor, plugs and wires.  I replaced the parts and got it started and drove the truck home.  Once I got it home I started working on the ’69 c10.  Thank God it only needed minor body work.  I restored the truck back to its original factory condition with the factory yellow paint.  I will say it was a learning experience on restoration that will never be forgotten.