Bagged 1964 Chevy C-10

What started off as a simple trade between a JDM Datsun 510 wagon, to an American muscle long bed farm truck, turned into a truck that would turn heads of individuals of any age group.  Our C-10 which is formally known as thatbagged_64 on Instagram not only brings attention to people who follow the process of this truck, but people from out of this country as well.  We share our story from being on youtube, and being all over google.  This truck hides many goodies.  Powering this truck is a fully built 2006 6.0 LS motor.  Along with the total sleeper look on this car also comes with Borla exhaust, Baer brakes setup, side-exit exhaust, TMI bucket seats, and Dakota digital gauges.  Now look out for us on the streets of the San Fernando Valley!!!!