This was my Grandpa’s truck that he bought new in 1969.  It was also one of the first trucks I ever drove as a kid.  It had a 390 motor with a three speed manual transmission on the column shifter.  Back in December 24, 1985 my grandpa passed and my Dad and I restored the truck back in 1986 at his body shop.  My Dad gave me the truck back in 2000 and it was used to drive back-and-forth to work but couldn’t afford the gas because it’s a gas hog.  A few changes in the motor and transmission, these last couple years with Covid going on, I was able to start working on my truck on my spare time.  I finished it December 15, 2021.  What I cherish the most is 36 years after my grandfathers death, I was able to drive over to my Dad’s house Christmas Eve day and take my dad for a ride in my Grandpa‘s truck.  Definitely priceless moment with many more memories to come with my kids and grandkids.  With a lot of long days, a lot of money spent, and a lot of time waiting on parts from LMC Truck got me through this build that I’ll never forget it.