Tribute to Dad

My dad bought this truck in 1979.  It was his first Chevrolet, always had a Ford.  My dad passed away on Christmas Eve in 1984, only five years from it’s purchase.  It stayed on the farm with my mom until her passing 8 years later from complications of a surgery.  We actually buried her on Mother’s Day that year.  I was the youngest son but got skipped over and it went to my nephew who was only 14 years old.  I told my brother I wanted it, if it ever became available.  It got lost in the shuffle and grew up in weeds on our farm with only 41,000 miles.  I finally got it years ago and started some minor restoration but money was a problem.  I made a promise to my dad in Heaven, I will get it back shining.  A lot of TLC went into it, along with some blood, sweat, and tears but it has now made it.  My dad was a World War II vet and I felt it’s picture needed to be done in front of my flag as a tribute to him.  My pockets may be empty now, but my heart in full.  Thanks for being there through the years, LMC Truck, to make my dream come true with the restoration parts.  I have more pictures if you need them.  My goal is for me and my dad to see it in your catalog one day.  At 67 years of age, I’m glad I could do this finally in his memory.  Still some more interior work to be done, and instrumentation.