In 2018, I had the opportunity to purchase a 1982 GMC K10. However, while these trucks are rare this was no ordinary one. My grandfather purchased this truck almost new, many years ago. It had been used as a farm truck for all its life and over the last 5 years it was used as a hunting/mud truck (so you can imagine the shape it was in). Regardless of how rough it was, I knew I had to buy it back because of the sentimental value which it held.

After purchasing it, the very first thing I did was give it a fresh wash and you would be surprised the difference that one simple thing made.  From 2018 until 2020, I worked tirelessly, devotedly, and passionately to restore this truck back to like-new condition.  I was not experienced in body work, painting, mechanic work, interior work, or anything of that sort.  But with the willingness to learn, and the valuable assets and people around me, I was able to do just those things.

On Thanksgiving Day of 2019, I pulled into my “Pa’s” driveway and I will never forget the expression on his face.  He was so excited that someone had the vision and put the work into bringing his truck “back to life”.

While the outside look spectacular, the inside was the project I had not yet tackled.  After 7 months of waiting for all the interior items to ship (thanks to shipment problems due to COVID-19), I finally received every piece needed to complete my restoration.  After much hard work, many long nights, extreme patience, and an empty wallet, my journey had finally paid off.

Nearly one year later, November 5, 2020, I showed my grandpa the final restoration of his truck and we took a cruise through our hometown.  This truck is my prized possession and every time I look at it, I am reminded that I can do anything that I put my mind and will to.  I am glad that I can carry on a part of his history and always cherish these memories.  I hope my grandchildren one day value this as much as I do.