This is my truck me and dad built over the years.  It used to be a blue 1976 body.  My dad bought the truck when I was eight years old and then a year later he got into an accident and rolled it into a ditch on its side.  The front clip and cab were totaled, but the frame and bed survived.  The main reason the frame wasn’t totaled is because it used to have a big winch bumper on it that saved it.  So, we had the frame, same gears and all, 12 years after the accident.  We found a 1987 body that used to be a low rider.  We took that body and put it on the 1976 frame and put it all back together.  My dad wanted to put it back together once I turned 16.  We got it running again and I drove it for about three years.  Me and dad and mom (she also had a little to do with it) all slowly built it and brought it back to life.  It’s got a lot of new parts on it and the interior has been redone.  All the gears and everything else that’s under it is from GM.  It drives and handles good.  It has a 350 small block with air conditioning, 456 Gears, 10 inches of lift, and new 38 radial Super swampers.  We also clear-coated it to give it that shiny patina look.  The frame has been sandblasted and painted.