My truck originally started its life new as an oil patch truck in Alberta, Canada.  After the well servicing company was done with the 2500 light duty, my cousin bought it at an auction, lifted it, put 35 inch TSL Super Swampers on it and mud bogged it until he sold it to my dad to by an engagement ring.  I still remember my dad and I going to look at it when I was 3.   I loved it from the first time I saw it, and always wanted to fix it up.  My dad and I put a bunch of work into it when I was 15 and he passed it down to me on my 16th birthday.  The truck was torn down in 2018 to be redone for my graduation, but unfortunately needed too much. However in March of 2021 it was finally back on the road.  This truck has been so reliable over the 17, almost 18, years I’ve known and loved it.  I’m thrilled it’s looking better than ever on the highways, and making more memories on local dirt roads!