I bought the truck in 1978 at a farm auction. It wouldn’t start when they began the auction but I bought it and with a little carburetor adjustment it started and I drove it home.  The body was solid with very little rust.  I did all the body work myself while it was my daily driver.  I painted it in 1983 and aside from a few nicks it still looks pretty good.  I stayed with the stock 239 Y block with a three on the tree and overdrive.  Found a pair of ram horn exhaust manifolds and built the exhaust with mufflers and lake pipes.  The suspension is stock with a three inch dropped front axle.  I added a Mustang power steering unit with the help of my cousin.  I also changed the electrical system from 6 volts to 12 volts.

My son, Jed, has been a great help to me in getting the truck to where it is today.  We have enjoyed the time we have spent together working on the truck.