My truck is a 1970 Chevy C20.  My Dad brought it in Oct. 1969.  It is a step side long bed with a 350 V8 engine, 4 speed transmission, radio, and heater.  He had camper shells, then a 8ft. cab over camper with his boat behind it.  My Dad and Mom would go on trips; mom sat next to him all the time.

In 1978, they came to Colorado to visit me, my wife, and kids.  The truck was using oil at that time, with 100,000 miles on it.  I put a new engine in it for him.  Some time later, his knees got bad, so I put in a 350transmission.  I brought his truck in September 1995 for $3,000.  I drove it home, back to Texas.  In 1997, I had it repainted, new bed wood, and had the seat fixed.

Dad died in May 1997 without seeing his truck again.  I put a 700R4 transmission in it for the truck 411 gears.  This is the 4th motor.  The truck has about 450,000 miles on it and has not been in a wreck, that I know of.   Now, i am redoing it again.  Over the last few years, I have rewired it, put air conditioning in, and put disc brakes in the front.  The 350 engine has 153,000 miles now.  It is daily driver.  The right front fender and tailgate are the only parts to be replaced.