My Baby

It’s been in my family 36 years.  My dad bought it in 1986.  The truck was a custom order and even though American made, it had to be assembled in Canada due to the factory stocked 440 in it.  It also came with factory stocked AC and a custom made steel bumper with a 25,000 pound winch.  Everything is original except the carburetor.  The top has never been removed and still doesn’t leak.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting my daughter take it, and now it needs work.  She had it in AZ for 7 years without covering it and the dash needs to be replaced.  Even though the truck sat for over 12 years, when my mechanic put a battery in it to make sure the motor hadn’t seized, up it fired up.  Due to sitting so long he didn’t let it run because I want all the gas lines and carburetor replaced.  When it was driveable, I always had people trying to buy it.  When I had a car hauler take it from CA to AZ, he had people following him to find out if owner would sell.  He’d tell them no the lady that owns it knows what she has.  Barrett Jackson has even contacted me to try and get me to run it through the auction because it’s extremely rare.