This is Stinky. My 1993 Chevy S10 pickup.

In 2017 I began a search for a project truck.  Since I was not able to find a rust free example here in New York, I expanded my search.  This truck was located in Oregon.  Since it was going to be a project, I purchased it sight unseen (not recommended) and had it shipped to New York.

After driving the truck for a while, my wife christened it “Stinky”, since it leaked and smoked so bad it actually was stinky.  Of course the old 4.3 had in excess of 400,000 miles on it.

The rebuild began by keeping the original patina but a rebuilt engine, refreshed transmission, syclone exhaust, weatherstripping, and many other LMC Truck components, as well as an interior refresh.  All this has made Stinky a reliable and enjoyable summertime daily driver now with over 460,000 miles.

Even with all the upgrades my wife continues to refer to Stinky (…affectionately, I trust) !