I bought this truck back in 2018 with intention of fixing it up and making a good looking tow rig out of it to pull my tractor and 5th wheel camper.  I have wanted one of these trucks since 1994 when they came out but I was only 14 then and couldn’t buy one.  But a few years ago, I found the perfect candidate to rebuild.

I have pretty much rebuilt this truck from the ground up.  I’ve installed new springs, shocks, tie rods, upper and lower control arms, new steering box and column, all new brakes, wheel bearings and rotors.  I also installed a new interior using seats out of a 4th gen dodge truck and I redid the heat and air conditioning system too.

I then built a 6.2 Cummins stroker motor which is a 5.9 block bored 40 thousands over stock with a 6.7 Cummins crankshaft.  This engine also has a large turbo, big injectors a Hamilton head with large valves a Hamilton camshaft and a large exhaust manifold.  This engine has around 700hp and 1500 ftlbs of torque it is truly a monster of an engine.  I decided since the engine was so powerful that I would pull the factory 5 speed and install an Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission out of a semi truck to make it the ultimate towing machine and boy was I right.  This thing will pull anything you hook up to it with ease and it sounds awesome doing it, especially since it has a 5 inch straight pipe with dual 6 inch bull hauler stacks.

Next, I installed a set of 22.5 Alcoa semi truck wheels and tires.  I really like the look of the big wheels but my main goal was to have a set of tires that will last a long time.

Then next I did all the bodywork to prep it for paint which took me a couple weeks and then I painted the truck.  It was a lot of work but I think it turned out great.

I have to give LMC Truck a lot of credit for their large inventory of parts and custom accessories I really got to doll my truck up with LMC’s custom parts and their customer service was great too.  Thank you LMC Truck.