I purchased this beautiful 1970 CST 10 in 2018 after I found it sitting in a garage untouched for 26 years when the previous owner passed away in 1992.  The family finally decided to sell after a quarter of a century, and I was happy to have it knowing how nicely preserved and this rare and fully loaded CST 10 would look after a full quality restoration.  Apparently it only has 43,000 original miles on it, and signs of that were found during the restoration to back that up.  It had the usual rusted out inner/outer rocker panels, cab corners, front/rear cab supports, faded paint, small dents here and there, and a lot of dirt and grime.

After 3.5 years and 2,750 hours of my time to do a full restoration, it turned out better than I ever imagined. Everything was brought back to original condition including the rare 1 year only dark bronze metallic 2 tone paint.  It now looks, runs, and drives like a brand new truck.  This would not have been possible without the help and support of LMC Truck.  As you can see for yourself from my account history, a majority of the parts came from LMC Truck.  I would like to personally thank the LMC Truck team for your help, and look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thank you