The Hunt

A brother of mine was an awesome bro as he loaned me $2,500 to get a truck.  I hunted for 4 to 6 months and was ready to give up when poof there he was… my new beast.  I almost didn’t contact the guy because of how much he had it listed for ($3,200).  Well I contacted him anyways and originally got him down to $2,500 but he had to put a radio in it.  It didn’t have one.  Well when it came time to purchase the truck he calls me and said he didn’t install the radio so if you don’t want the truck he understood.  I said we’ll I’ll take it but $2,000 is my max.  He didn’t hesitate and said OK.

So, that’s how a acquired the beast, a 1994 Chevy k1500 step side. Motor is a 5.7 with a 4L60E transmission.  Once I got him I had to put a remanufactured transmission in it as the original one that had 215,000 miles on and it went out.  On top of that, I slowly replaced everything under the truck from the tires to the ball joints including new shocks on all 4 corners and brand new 4 into 1 heavy duty leaf springs as I hall a 5×8 included trailer.  Oh the beast now has a kick butt sound system in it.

So that’s the short story on how me and the beast became one. I’m now working on cosmetics like new tail lights, 3rd brake light, bed light, new mirrors, and new blinker housing on the front.  This is my daily driver project truck.