This truck I bought as a young 17 year old.  I drove the wheels off it (literally) and I then sold it when it had engine troubles before my 18th birthday.  I reconnected with the truck again about 8 months later.  I semi-fixed it as best I could.  I was leaving for college so I needed money so I sold it again.  For about 2 years the truck was gone.  I never saw it once, and then poof, towards the end of my college the truck showed up on Craigslist again.  I ended up being able to purchase it after 3 months of begging for a better price.  Originally, my grandmother gave me $500 to purchase the truck.  Since I only had 2500 and the seller wouldn’t take less than 3k.  I carried the roses in the passenger seat to her funeral in this truck.  This truck made many miles and memories with me that I’ll never forget.  I started restoring it in 2016 and just over $100k later, literally everything from top to bottom is brand new or completely refinished.  Its absolutely beautiful inside and out.  Even in the places you can’t see, its near perfect.  And I wouldn’t have been able to do most of it without LMC Truck’s quality parts.