This truck was purchased new by my father-in-law’s next-door neighbor in 1961 from Rob Robertson Chevrolet in Weatherford, TX.

Mr. H. had a stroke almost immediately and my father-in-law purchased it in 1970 from the estate for $900 with 600 miles on it.  It still has the original title receipt in the glove box, as well as the original tire and battery warranty signed by Rob Robertson.  He sold it to me in 1980 for $500.

Not only is everything pretty much original, but is original to this truck including engine, transmission, rear end, wheels and hubcaps, generator (with brushes) , jack and handle, carb, oil bath filter, grill, etc.  It has the original “upgrade” rear bumper fabricated by “Smash-Rite” in Waco, TX with the dealer’s name on it.  I am currently cleaning the engine compartment and will then touch up the interior.  Most everything that is not original came from LMC Truck, so thanks for keeping us on the road.