This is my first truck restorartion.  My high school autoshop teacher had it in his back yard and I asked him what his plan was for that truck.  His answer was not much, due to money and time.  I asked him to sell it to me and he did.  I promised him that as soon as I get it back on it’s feet that I will let him drive it.  I had this project for one year already and I have done so much work on it, and my two boys are helping me with it too.  The 1963 had a lot of body parts that needed welding.  Since I do not know how to weld, I had to work hard on learning it.  My dad was a pro welding for over 30 years, so I should have learned from him but he past away 4 years ago.  I know he will be happy that I learned how to weld with a Hobart 125 handler that he gave me before he passed.  So the pictures I will post is the first day that the project ended up in my garage.  Enjoy.