I bought my 1966 Chevrolet pickup about 6 years ago.  It looked pretty good at 20 feet, but up close, not so much.  Sometimes you just know that you need to help bring them back to life, so I bought her.  It has a 327 engine, 350 automatic transmission, but the rear end is a 373 limited slip.  After having the front end rebuild I started removing the wood from the bed.  I ordered the new wood, door felts, door rubber, tailgate, and various other parts from LMC Truck.  I took the truck to a local body shop, took it apart and a year later, after paint, I started putting her back together.  She’s painted French racing blue and GM white.  I think she turned out better than when she rolled out the assembly line.  I get thumbs up all the time and it’s won at some local car shows.  Thank you LMC, I couldn’t have done it without your parts.

Sincerely, Mark