My dad bought this truck in 1977 from a junk yard completely burned.  I was only four years old at the time.  He was a mechanic and what he saw as potential, many saw it as a waste of money.  Within a year, he had totally fixed it and was driving it as his daily driver.  There’s so many memories in this truck!  We went hunting, mudding, and to truck shows.  Many people in the neighborhood knew of dads four wheel drive truck.  My dad didn’t meet a stranger.  He would drive around the neighborhood when it snowed to pull people out of ditches.  As the years passed by, the truck was breaking down and my dad was also getting older.  He loved this truck and wanted badly to restore it but died before he had the chance.  It was given to me and I made a promise to myself that I would finish what he wasn’t able to.  This truck is a big part of my dad and I feel like I always have him with me.  I’ve started the restoration project and I am finishing things on it a little at a time.  I think my dad would be proud!  LMC Truck has been a huge help as I have purchased many parts from here!