Ethan’s First Truck

My son was 13 years old when we bought his 1986 F150.  We watched it sit for over 10 years in a driveway 1 mile from our house before we stopped and asked about it.  It had 79,000 original miles on the 4.9L engine, but the gas tank had holes rusted through.  After buying it, we drove it home on a 4-wheeler gas tank and began working.

LMC Truck was instrumental in helping us get all the correct fitting parts we needed.  Ethan did a lot of the work by himself.  He replaced the carburator and other engine parts, carpet, dash, all of the chrome parts, headlights, tailights, etc.  We pulled the bed, ground and undercoated the frame, new gas tank, brakes, fuel lines, and many other things before starting on the body. Cab corners, bed panels, many other small things were fixed and then it was off to paint.  Ethan could just about tell you what page in the LMC Truck catalog any part was on by the time we completed the truck.

What a great experience it was for a father/son project!  He’s now got something he’ll be proud of for a long time.  He’s now 16 years old and drives the truck everywhere, and he couldn’t be happier with it!