Classic Camper Special

This truck was purchased from the original owner by a good friend of mine.  It sat in his driveway for a few months and it was love at first site when I first looked at it.  I had high hopes my friend would sell it to me so I sold my 1977 GMC to make room for it.  My friend decided to move his family up north and I got the call and the first option to buy it.  When I purchased the truck it had 92,000 original miles and I decided to get to work and bring its true beauty back.  I spent about 2 years going through the truck.  I was able to restore the original paint to a mirror finish, replaced all the trim, grill , lighting and suspension.  My next focus was rebuilding the throttle body injection system along with all the electronics under the hood.  I had the original radiator recored and continue to make progress under the engine bay keeping most parts OEM GM original equipment.  I was able to fully restore the interior following all the correct RPO color codes, and I found the correct Delco ETR ‘seek and scan’ cassette radio.  I had it refurbished and installed it with correct factory GM plugs.  I removed and replaced all the factory gauges and added a tachometer to the gauge cluster.  The truck is garage kept, rust free, and driven mainly on weekends.  This truck is highly optioned with dual quad shocks in the front, cruise control and air conditioning.  It has rear Firestone airbags and was originally set up for a cab-over camper.  The truck’s drive-line consists of a GM TBI 350, TH400 transmission, and an NP208 transfer case.  It sits on a 2″ lift with the original rims and dog dish style caps.  My goal was to keep the truck as original as possible and make some small upgrades that would not devalue this beauty.  I have a strong passion for these old trucks and have built up and owned several of these old GM pick-ups.