What A Dream Looks Like

In 1994 I purchased a 1989 S-10 truck, one owner.  In 2000, I started my dream of customizing this truck.

A friend of mine, Phil W. did the body work and painted the truck.  We installed a front bumper cover, air deflector, custom tail lights, custom door mirrors, rear roll pan, window vents, and other items.  He put 3 coats of high gloss Corvette flame red and 2 coats of clear. A few years ago, Rouzer Motor Parts rebuilt the 2.5L engine.  The next thing that I did was replace the manual transmission with an automatic transmission.  Mike’s Transmission Shop just happened to have an old square box transmission, which he rebuilt with all new parts.  Next I had power steering installed.  This was done by JR’s Auto (Danny W.), he has done all the work on my truck since I got it.  Changing the steering turned out to be a big problem since Chevy did not have power steering on the 2.5 engine.  I got all the parts except the pump bracket from LMC Truck.  It just so happened that the factory had put a bracket on my engine, even though it was not supposed to be on it.  The only thing left was a tank for the power steering fluid.  Chevy did not have a tank that would work and we were limited for space, we ended up installing a tank from a Jeep.  I had the head liner replaced and had the seat redone.  It is done in flame red and black and Robert P. put extra padding and rebuilt the frame.  Last year, I installed new tires and American mags.

This has been my dream truck and I will keep on doing things to it, as long as there is an LMC Truck.  Most of my parts have come from LMC.  I want to thank my wife, family, and friends for supporting me all these years.  I don’t know what I would have done, if it was not for LMC.  Thank you for helping my dream come true and letting me put my truck in your catalog and keep up the great work that you do for all of us truck lovers.  Since my truck is all about flame red, I choose to take my pictures at Lock Fire Department, Rowan County N.C., which is just up the road from my house.