I bought this truck 3 years ago, from my now father-in-law.  At the time, I was borrowing vehicles to get to and from work, and to feed my horse.  He let me borrow this truck and said to drive it until I find something to purchase.  Well, a couple weeks went by and he called to ask if I wanted to purchase the truck from him.  Of course I said yes!

It has been a journey, learning about the 7.3L engine, fixing it up, and building it to my liking.  I have loved every minute with this truck.  It definitely has a piece of my heart.  The first picture of it having the black bumper and grille is when I first bought it, and the last one with the pink tag in the window is most recent.

I cannot wait to continue building and revamping this truck!  Thanks LMC Truck for letting me put my story on here!