Hal Griggs

The year was 1993 and the town was Austin, Texas. My son was attending elementary school and next to the school sat an old house with a large old oak tree, and under that oak tree sat a 1958 Chevy pickup. Every day I drove by that house and saw that truck sitting there rotting under that tree. Well that was all I could stand, I had to have that truck! I went to the door and an old guy answered, I said “how much for the truck?” He said $3500 I said $500 take it or leave it. He said his price was solid and I left. Several months later the truck sat rotting and I went to the door and once again the old guy answered and I said $500 and this time his wife heard me. She yelled take the money! I got the truck! We dragged it home and started the work. First digging all the leaves and trash from inside the truck. There was all kinds of junk in there. But, amongst all that trash was a gem. A 1958 baseball card of Hal Griggs the Washington Senators (now The Texas Rangers) pitcher in 1958. Thus the truck’s name “Hal Griggs”. We restored it back to what he looked like in 1958. He’s a cool truck and always turns heads here in Austin, Texas.