Farm Truck to Cruiser

I bought this well-used truck in 1978, seems like as some as I took possession it started to act up. First the V-6 engine blew a lifter and the engine blew completely. Then I found the front frame cracked from heavy abuse. Took care of the engine and frame problem.
Then in 1980, I moved from Colorado to Michigan, and the truck just keep cropping up problems. So, I tore it down with the intention of a full restoration. Before I could even get started on that, I got married, had kids, and started a business. Everyone knows what can happen when you do all of that? So the truck was in pieces from 1983 until 2020. I finally brought it to a body/paint shop and here are the results.
I did all the interior work, wiring, bed box work, here are pic’s of my truck.