I have been around this old farm truck since the fourth grade (1977). It belonged to my long time friend’s granddad. He bought it new in September of 1970. He didn’t like to drive much. When it wasn’t pulling a hay wagon, or doing chores around the farm, this truck spent most of its time parked in the hay barn on the family farm. His granddad passed away in 1990. I inquired about purchasing the truck, but the family decided to give it to my Buddy’s father-in-law. He didn’t pull it out of the barn for ~15 years. He tinkered with it and got it running and driving but didn’t put many miles on it – ~2,200 from what I can tell by receipts from the glove box. Upon his passing in 2006, the truck went to his son (my buddy’s brother-in-law. In December of 2020 my buddy wanted to buy the truck back. To his surprise, his brother-in-law gave the truck back to him. He didn’t end up driving it much. (most likely because the brakes barely worked, and the clutch was about shot) By his estimate he drove it less than 10 miles. When I got in it to drive it home, it had 65,152 original , miles on it.

I purchased the truck from him in the Spring of 2021 – a little over 30 years from my first attempt. I have spent the last year and a half fixing and cleaning it up. With a lot of parts coming from LMC. I am about finished. I have attempted to keep it as original as possible. The original paint miraculously buffed out better than I could have imagined. We pulled the motor and transmission, cleaned it all up, installed all new clutch components, all new gaskets and seals in the engine, painted it, and dropped it back in.

Not very often that you you can find a one family owned, all original farm truck. Knowing the 50+ year history of this truck is pretty rare these days. Knowing the work this truck performed on the farm… I am amazed at what good condition it is still in!