My name is Michael D. and I’m currently stationed in Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  I purchased this truck in 2018 for $4,500.  It started with me taking two weekends of tinkering with it on the previous owner’s property to get it to start and run.  Shortly after that I truly realized I definitely bought a project truck.

When I was finally able to drive it off the property, I pulled the light switch and the wipers would start running, and vice-versa.  Then I noticed my right headlight was noticeably brighter, so i stepped on the high beam button, then the light dimmed but my left light high beam turned on.

Almost every weekend in the past few years  I was working on something.  I was just a young and clueless kid having fun.  By my 5th week with the truck, I went through 6 starters.  Finally, a good buddy pointed out that I was missing a large chunk of the block, where the starter bolts threaded into it.  So, then I swapped the motor to a 383 Stroker, and a week later, I burnt up the TH350.  That following weekend, I converted it to manual SM465.  That whole project was done in the barracks parking lot and I would get my butt chewed for that.  Shortly after that, I kept going through wheel bearings in the rear.  So I thought it would be unique if I made a short bed dually.  So I rebuilt and installed 1-ton axles with 4.10 gearing.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I started with little knowledge of working on vehicles.  I spent a lot of time researching wire schematics, and spent almost equivalent amout of time doing push-ups for being late for formations.  But I definitely found my passion and LMC Truck helped me extremely through my whole process, with the plethora of parts, from OEM to performance, and all of the manuals to guide me through.  I have spent a lot of time, money, blood, and good amount of sweat on it.  I always recommend LMC Truck to anyone who is getting started with their project truck.  And as of November 2021, I added a new project truck, a 1981 Chevrolet K10.

Chrome won’t get ya home, but it will get you a couple of friends.