I came from a family that loved and owned old dent side Fords.  I have always wanted to rebuild a truck from the ground up.  But I wanted the one certain truck, and I finally got it.  I purchased this 1977 Ford F150 short bed in 2018.  Got it home and started tearing it down.  Took it all the way down to the frame, then took the frame to pieces.  Had it sand blasted.  Repaired, cleaned and painted the frame.  Rebuilt the whole entire drive train.  Installed a new suspension lift.  New tires and wheels.  Once the frame and drive train was complete, I started on the body work.

First I had the entire body sand blasted.  Then did some minor sheet metal repair.  Reinforced the roof of the cab.  Before priming and painting, I bedlined the whole under carriage including inside the bed, the front of the bed, the back of the cab, inside floor boards, the back panel and the firewall inside and out.
Painted it then assembled with all new parts.

All new bolts, cables, hoses, bushings, rubbers, glass, wiring, trim. Essentially everything is new or rebuilt.  I put a 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark 5 -460 (modded) engine with dove heads.  Dressed with a March billet serpentine pulley system.  Topped with an Edelbrock Victor 460 intake and a Holley 850 double pumper.  Finished out with a champion aluminum 4 core radiator and all AN fittings, braided hoses and msd ignition.

Fully custom dual exhaust with single chamber mufflers dumped just behind the cab.

The truck is 100% new or rebuilt from the ground up, this little adventure took me approximately 2.5 years of solid working.