Our Last Resto

After searching the web looking for a project truck to restore, I come across a 1978 GMC High Sierra that was in the price range and condition to start.  From there, we soon had to swap out the engine and then tear down began.  Through LMC Truck, I found everything I needed to order for our restoration, from bumper to roll pan, and everything in between.  My Dad (Pat B.) who owned his own body shop when I was younger and has done countless restorations, put many hours into this truck.  Seeing how this will most likely be our last resto together.  After the body was straight and smooth we sent it to paint, picking Sunburst Orange metallic.  The truck turned out amazing and is a head tuner for sure.  I entered it in a local show and got “Best Truck” and surprised my dad at the show by having a local pinstriper add “Thanks Dad” on the tailgate.  Eventually I will pass this truck down to my boys and they can own the memories made by this last resto.