My Dad bought this truck brand new in Feb 28, 1998 when this truck came out. After a couple of years my Dad wanted a different Chevy so he bought a 2005 Chevy Truck. He decided to give the truck to my brother who drove the truck with many miles of pulling an RV Trailer to the Lake all through the summers. Later my Brother got a new 2018 Chevy truck 2500K and RV Camper. For 2 years he had the old truck just sitting in the driveway, hardly used, and never updated the truck with the work that needed to be done. It was leaking coolant from the intake manifold to all the hoses. The brakes were shot due to all the towing done. And the interior had coffee or Soda stains spilled all over the inside of the cab. The Truck was running but you had to fill it with fluids just to keep it going down the road. In 2021 my Brother gave me the hand me down Truck and I started to work on it. Replaced with new gaskets on the intake manifold and valve covers. New spark plug wires, distributor, fuel filter, hoses, brake pads/ shoes. Flushed the rear end with new gear oil. Cleaned the whole interior and updated the floor mats. New hinge pins on the doors The taillights and harness did not work so it was replaced. And I finally replaced a busted up windshield. I tried to keep the truck as original as possible. And here is my results. My hand me down from my Dad to me. It was fun to see my Dads face when I pulled in the driveway with his old truck. It now my pride and joy. More work to be done but this is just the beginning. Thanks LMC