All in the Family 1966 C-10

When my two kids were shopping for a vehicle to drive to school, we happened upon this 1966 Chevy C-10 at a used car lot. It was priced at $8,500, and was to be reduced $1,000 per week until it sold. Since the two of them had $5,000 total from working on our farm, they had no choice but to wait. That was a rough 4 weeks for them, but the moment it hit $4,500 they bought it. It got banged up a couple of times and required repair, but came out the other end OK. When they went to college, I bought it from them for $5,000 and they both had money to buy a decent small car for school. We’ve never repainted the entire truck, but it still looks pretty good. My wife and I enjoy driving it and going to local car shows.