Got it 3 years ago, my dad seen it out in a feild driving by with the semi. I asked the guy about it and got it for $350. Been sitting in that feild since 1993 and within 10 mins of getting it home I was driving it around the yard with my brother under the hood with a gas can. Took a winter to make it solid and driveable. Put different axles under it to start the 4×4 conversation. Left the outside heavy patina. I call it heavy patina because the patina is really heavy in spots. I built it to use it and definitely gets used in the woods. I’m a logger and the big wheels have seen mud and rocks. Original engine and trans still. Just fixed leaks and got some radiator hoses from LMC. Its kinda a ratrod with all the different parts on it. Definitely something to see in person. From the 302 oil pan as a center counsel with my radio, cb in it and cup holders to my 60’s chevy dump truck mirrors. I took it to my first truck show last August and I took home peoples choice. Ever since then I been going to shows all over the middle of the U.S. Met a lot of cool people with old Fords from all over. It may look rough but I rather drive that then a new pickup.