In the summer of 1988, I bought her. She was a 1982 Ford F150 4.9, 4 speed, 2wheel drive, that was white with tan interior. I was the very proud second owner, and I knew then I would be the last owner, she would be mine forever. After years of hauling me back and forth to work, grocery, picking up kids, hauling anything that needed to be moved and everything else life throws at you she started to look her age inside and out. I started to restore her a little here and there when I could afford it. She went from a 4.9, 4 speed to a 5.8, 5 speed. I changed the interior from dirty tan to clean shades of blue and the outside from white with a few rust spots, dings and scratches to a beautiful smooth gray. On Christmas day of 2020 were on the way home and hit a deer. This almost totaled her out. I had to decide if I was going to give her up and junk her or restore her one more time. It didn’t take long to decide to restore her, we had been together so long and through so much I couldn’t have it any other way. This time I was going to go all out and really make her beautiful. With the help of LMC I repaired and overhauled the things she needed under the hood and refinished the outside. Special thanks to James Spinx and John Perry of Christiansburg, KY for the body and paint work. This time she was painted a graphite gray with custom white pin striping and lettering done by Doodle Pinstriping out of Salem, Indiana. To really finish her up, Michael Jennings of Pleasureville, Kentucky gave her a front to back detail shine that made her sparkle. She is now my relaxing cruiser on special occasions and long hauls. I would also like to thank Cassie Tingle with Clark Heavy Equipment for taking such wonderful photos so I could share my beauty with LMC and everyone who gets this magazine.