My Texas farm truck is not like all the others. I wanted a old truck and took months looking before my wife found this one for me. It was full of milk cans in the back and had some rust that had went through the fenders. But to me it was perfect… I negotiated a fair deal and drove her home. I made sure it would not leave me on side the road with some work under the hood, then changed the brakes to disc, new tires and suspension and now she’s a daily driver. I then turned my attention to the body and with the help of White Starr Collision & White Starr Upholstery she keeps a smile on my face whenever I drive her around town. The best part is having my Grandkids riding with me and watching their faces while their eyes explore the dash, button, and just sitting in the driveway letting them stand on the seat and look over the giant steering wheel. At first I bought it for me but now its for them. Just one more memory of having fun with Paw Paw. Oh yea Saturday breakfast drive with my wife next to me pulling into a diner, well I wouldn’t change it for the world. To sum it up: Nostalgic, romantic, and family time.