My c10 story starts when I was 5. My dad bought this 1963 chevy c10 longbed stepside and I fell in love. He only had it for a few years before he sold it to a family friend who owned it till the mid 2000s then sold it to another local. Well needless to say I was sad when she sold it because I was hoping for the chance to buy it off her. Well fast forward 2 years later and another family friend who knew I loved the truck came across it with a for sale sign. He traded one of his little Toyotas for it. I was surprised to see it at his place and I was told if I graduated high school it was mine. So in the summer of 2007 he handed over the title and it was all mine! At this time she was rough and had been sitting for 2 years so I planned to take my time and save up to do it right. Well life happened and it sat 2 years till I decided to move with family to Illinois so I got a storage locker and stored it in oregon with plans to come back for it when I had money. Well life happened again and she was in storage for 6 years till I moved back to Oregon. And was in my garage for a few more years till 2018 I took it down to the bare frame and would try to spend at least one day a week on it. I bought a 78′ c10 chevy 454 that had been sitting in a field for years for 400 bucks. Pulled the motor and turbo 400 out. Cleaned up and slowly started the truck back together. At the end of 2019 my girlfriend broke up with me and then shorty afterwards the pandemic happened and thats when I decided I’m. 31 life is flying by and I want to drive my truck that I’ve never driven. I spent almost every day in 2020 in my garage working on it. All new suspension, lowered 4inchs in the back and 4.5 inches in the front. Disc brake swap, power steering and all new wiring, cleaned up the frame, and all new plumbing. By 2021 I drove it for the first time and it was the greatest day! I didn’t do any body work, it ain’t pretty to most but it’s beautiful to me! I do plan on body work and paint but for now. I just want to enjoy it and with that big block under the hood is a blast! This year I decided to move to Florida with my girlfriend. Unfortunately I had to leave the truck again in storage but I’m saving up now to get it shipped over and I will do everything I can not to let my truck sit in storage forever again.