Grandpa Bob’s truck

My wife’s grandfather leased this truck new for his plumbing business. He put a utility box on one side for pipe fittings, on the other side he put hooks for 20′ long pipes. He also used an 11′ camper on it so he had the back bumper on slides so he could pull it out to protect the camper. When he retired I tried to buy it from him, but he wasn’t ready to sell. I waited a year before he sold it to me for $1k. We camped in it for yrs. with an 8′ camper with our son.. We put an 11′ camper on it, but it was just to worn out for it so we retried it. Now years later I’m finally fixing it up with the help of LMC truck. It’s a survivor with a stock 283 cid, 4sp on the floor with a granny low. The question is with it being leased am I the 3rd or 2nd owner?