Owning a race car means a lot of towing, mines only an open dual axle trailer, so not overly heavy towing! I was looking for a C 1500 as I knew this would suit me, I didn’t need a 4WD so 2WD was fine by me ! I found a beautiful mint condition C 1500, it was immaculate right hand drive conversion done here in Australia in 1998, the original purchaser bought it brand new from U.S. in 1997. Imported it and made the change as a new truck! It had already done 300,000 km ( 180,000 miles ), but was a beauty in looks and to drive, so I grabbed it and don’t regret it ! I bought it January 2019 and added another 40,000 km (24,000 miles) to it, it was reasonably standard when I purchased it, running gear, motor, gearbox, diff etc all standard, but I decided on a 4 inch lift, added factory flares, step bar, 15 X 10 inch American Racing wheels with BFG tyres, heavy duty hitch, electric brakes controller, and a few other add ons that I liked. I love the truck, super reliable and still looks mint too!! I’ve looked at LMC truck for a lot of add ons which are on it, very happy ! Regards, Shane  From Australia

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