The Green Hornet

This was my dads truck up until his passing. It is an honor to carry on his memory with this dream of his.
He was a deputy with the Knox County Sheriffs Office in Kentucky for years. His duties had been reduced to escorting funerals with all the local funeral homes. He was well known in the community since he had been in the public eye since he moved back home in 1992. He was looking forward to retirement for a couple years prior to his passing. The constant exposure to death and seeing his friends and family be put to rest as he only grew older. He was the youngest of 11 children and the only surviving sibling. This truck had been in the family since 1975 when my mothers brother bought it. Since he would have to give up his sheriffs cruiser when he retired, his goal was to do a complete restoration of his truck. It was near 95% complete when he had four strokes in October of 2021 on his way up to Indiana to visit me, his youngest of four. He was taken from Berea KY to UK hospital in Lexington where he spent most of his last days. Like most family we had hoped of a recovery but it just wasn’t in the cards. He passed in January of 2022.
I’ve always loved this truck since my dad bought it in 1988. I will never have this at a 100% restoration because I am constantly finding new things to do to it. I am hoping to have it at some shows this year in central Indiana including the Hoosier Truck Rally in August in the city of Sullivan Indiana. I am so glad I have LMC to purchase quality parts to make The Green Hornet looks like new.