Meet “Baloo”

My passion in classic trucks has always been a part of my life since I was waist high. My uncles and dad had their share of Fords and Chevy’s and always grew fond of their trucks. My grandmother even had a ’70’s Chevy Camaro. Now that I’m a father myself and uncle, I feel it is up most important to continue the nostalgia by my purchase of “Baloo” who is my 1977 Ford F-150 to continue this fine legacy. I purchased Baloo in 2020 as just a roller frame with a motor that turned over. I had him towed to his new home where I dug in deep to get him back up and road worthy. Every chance I get when time and money permits something new gets restored on Baloo. I’m the 2nd owner to this truck from Texas which is awesome being very minor rust. He has a 351w, 2wd, and C6 auto trans. I have replaced everything under the sun minus the AC which is my next project. He drives perfect with no issues at all and even drove out of state and back without an issues. He enters as many classic shows as possible and never has come in 1st place but he will one day. It’s all about timing. I’ve switched up a few things to modernize him a little bit like adding an electric fuel pump, auxiliary fan, and a modern stereo. Other than that Baloo is a head turner and conversational piece every time he goes for a drive. There’s something special about owning a classic and especially keeping the tradition for these classics alive for our next generation.